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25 Ways to Feel More Alive Everyday

Spring is all about new life, growth and fresh beginnings – it’s about feeling alive.

So what better time to take stock of your own outlook on life as we head on the downhill run to summer and all the fun that it brings along with it? It can be easy to get ourselves in stuck in the rut and routine of life and it can feel like a challenge to pull ourselves out of it. So, we’ve put together 25 ideas that will help you feel alive and put that spring back in your step!

1. Volunteer – find an organisation near you that aligns with something you feel strongly about. Giving is such a great way to receive positive energy!
2. Take a new class at the gym – go on, try it! Everyone has to start somewhere!

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3. Actually join that gym or start a new exercise plan – give yourself a confidence boost, get energised and do the right thing for your health.
4. Grab some new workout gear while you’re at it – there’s no better way to get motivated to exercise that some cute and comfortable workout clothes.
5. Go to the library – broaden your literary horizons from the comfort of the couch by trying new genres or authors. And join our Book Club!
6. Start a veggie garden – embrace spring by heading to your local garden store and getting some tips on when to start planting your seasonal vegetables.
7. Reminisce over old photos – nothing will put a smile on your face more than revisiting great memories. Share them with your family, no doubt your kids will be surprised to learn a thing or two about you!
8. Start a gratitude journal – there’s no better way to feel good about the life you have than by appreciating things, big and small, every day.
9. Try mindfulness – there are many online or audio courses you can take to get you started. You’ll soon feel more grounded, less stressed and will be able to feel more present in each moment.
10. Get your hair done – give yourself a treat and dare to try something new. Let the hairdresser get creative and transform your look for spring.
11. Try a cooking class – get out of your comfort zone and learn to cook something completely different.
12. Update your wardrobe – online shopping is a great way to plan out some new looks. Mix and match jackets, dresses and shoes so you have an easy capsule wardrobe for work.
13. Go to a concert – how long has it been since you let down your hair and let your inner rock chick out? Ditch the seated tickets and get right up in the crowd for a fun night out.
14. Dance often – whether it’s in your lounge, with your kids, with your girlfriends on a night out, or even in a class, let your inhibitions down and kick your heels up to your favourite song.
15. Play music – music can enhance an atmosphere or living space. Choose tunes to suit your mood and let music take you away for a moment.
16. Take a roadie – pick somewhere you’ve never been before, head away for a weekend and explore.
17. Go for a hike – there’s no easier way to feel alive than to get out in the peace and tranquility of nature.
18. Get out in the rain – spring is notorious for unpredictable rain showers. Embrace these warm showers and let your inner musical star shine!
19. Establish a routine – get in the habit of getting to bed early and rising early. Take time in the morning to reflect, meditate or take time to be mindful before you start your day with intent.
20. Organise regular catch ups – make time for the people in your life who are important to you, whether it’s a lunch date with your mum, or a walk on the beach with friends.
21. Get dressed up every now and then – we don’t necessarily often have an excuse to get glammed up for, so make one up! Organise a night out, pull out your favourite dress and indulge for a night with your special someone.
22. Watch the sunrise – get in the habit of waking up before dawn. If you live near a beach or somewhere with a great view, even better! Get out and enjoy the calm of a sunrise before the bustle of the day begins.
23. Head to the mountain – there is still plenty of snow around during spring. Head to a snow and start sliding down some slopes. Even if skiing or snowboarding isn’t your thing, fun with a toboggan will keep you and the kids entertained.
24. Go for a spring swim – awaken your senses with a fresh spring dip at the beach.
25. Get a massage – take some time out for yourself and let your mind relax for an hour or so. You’ll come out feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

After the drag of winter it can be easy to just go through the motions of daily life and forget to really live with intent. A few simple changes in your routine can reawaken your zest for life and put a smile on your face. These are just a few simple ways to take some time to really feel ALIVE this spring.

What others can you suggest for feeling more alive? Share them in the comments section below.

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