How to Wear Printed Pants

Thinking back through my wardrobe, I’ve mostly stuck to plain black trousers. You know the kind – the tailored black trousers that you can wear to work, out to dinner or shopping with friends and know that you look good. While those are great trousers, they’re also a safe option. This year I am trying to push my style a little, and so a few weeks ago I bought my first ever pair of printed pants from EziBuy!

timk polka dot 3

I went with a polka dot print because it’s such an easy one to wear (and isn’t too bold, so not a scary starting point!), in a cropped style of trousers. I chose the Sara ¾ Bengaline Pants as my first foray into the world of printed and cropped pants – two birds with one stone and all that!

The simplest way to style printed pants is by looking at the colours in the print and continuing that theme throughout your outfit. A basic tank (similar here) and a denim jacket (similar here) made putting my outfit together super easy. But what do you do when your pants are more than two colours? Let’s take a look at some of EziBuy’s most popular printed pants for spring (seriously, these are so cool!)…

Painterly Pants
Emerge Woman Painterly Pants | Emerge Woman Linen Tunic

Rather than trying to wear all of the colours that feature in your trousers on other parts of your body, just pick one. It doesn’t have to be the main colour of the pants (in fact, it’s probably better if it’s not because this will stop you from looking so matchy-matchy) – just go for an accent colour. This tunic (which I have and LOVE) is perfect – the pink tones in the trousers are subtle, but when you pair them with a watermelon top, they really pop! Keep the rest of your clothing and your accessories neutral and voilà, style success!

Not sure how to style something? Let us know what you’d like help with, and you might see it as a future blog post feature!

xo Meagan

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