Plus Size Formal Dresses for your next Summer Party

Plus Size Party Dresses: Top 5

Formal Plus Size Dresses for your next Summer Party

The party season is upon us! We’ve selected the best plus size dresses for the party season.

With the new Summer season hitting us this means going out for drinks, eating new foods, meeting new people, creating new experiences and most of these will require you to quickly pop on a dress before you head out.

We’ll get right down to business – we’ve selected the best plus size dresses out there to for your next function.

  1. Ruth on our Capture Layered Dress “This dress is very flattering, a great fabric and very stylish. I did find the sizing quite true to size.” We’ve got to say this formal dress is a great option for those of you who may want to draw the focus onto different areas of the body and the layering effect of the dress definitely helps this.
  2. We love Karen’s comments on the Sara Embellished Dress“Bought this to attend a posh dinner and felt great in it. Also wore to my anniversary dinner and received lots of compliments. Fabric hung well, it was the perfect length as needed it to be long and I’m only 5 ft. Brilliant for a special occasion or informal.”
  3. Sara Stretch Lace Dress is your go-to plus size formal dress – it flatters in all the right places and you can add glittery accessories to dress it up on a bigger scale!
  4. If you’re looking to play down the formal look and still look like you can fit in at any event (even a BBQ) the print on this dress makes it very versatile. We hold a soft spot for the Sara Print Dress.
  5. We love colour! When out and about do you feel insecure about your size? Well you shouldn’t! Embrace your body, and if you find people stare – let them look for a good reason! Wear bright bold colours which will make you stand out in the middle of your favourite haunt. Let’s just say the Sara Drape Dress is a good place to start.

What do you think of the plus size dresses that we’ve selected?



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