Summer Plus Size Clothing
Start with a good base for dressing during the summer

Summer Plus Size Clothing

Summer Plus Size Clothing
Start with a good base for dressing during the summer

With the right style or fit, this season’s fashion trends will work on any body type. While we’re constantly bombarded with images of only thin women in magazines, the same fashion trends work just as amazingly on plus size women with some smart considerations.

Plus size women should consider what areas of their body they want to accentuate, and if there are any areas that they’d prefer to conceal. This is easily done in winter when more layers of clothing are required, but in summer, what’s the trick to dealing with the heat while staying on trend? Read on to find out about some tips on summer plus size clothing.

To start from the inside out, women should start by paying their undergarments close attention. Nude undergarments are a safe, all-around choice, particularly with an all-white outfit. They conceal any knicker lines and create a streamlined silhouette. A comfortable body shaper is also a great investment for the plus-size women and can easily smooth out areas of concern. The summer months usually mean lighter fabrics and less clothing, which is why it’s so important to be seamless underneath.

Dresses are a popular choice in summer, and are a great option as they come in lots of different styles to suit different body shapes. Choose cotton over polyester if you’re looking for a fabric that won’t cling to your curves. Cotton is breathable meaning you’ll sweat a lot less and it will help to keep you cool.

Shorts & T-Shirts
If you’re opting for more of a shorts and t-shirt look, try boyfriend shorts for a little more coverage; they’ll still allow you to accentuate your curves. T-Shirts can be fitted or flowy, whatever your preference, but for optimum comfort in summer, something that flares out over the waist provides breathability and creates carefree summer look.

You can’t go past a dip at the beach or in the pool for cooling off in summer. Plus-size girls need not be limited to one-pieces or high-rise bikini pants either. Girls of all sizes can jump in a bikini, but it’s just a matter of finding a top and a bottom that works for your figure. Women often find that they’re a different size in the top to what they are in the bottoms. Mix and match is a great idea and allows you to opt for combinations such as a higher-cut bottom and a skimpier top, or the other way round if you’re after more coverage up top.

Summer is all about bright colours that mimic the vibrancy of the season. Your outfit should always help to lift your mood and make you feel great while wearing it no matter what size or shape you are. Be smart about your shopping by carefully considering what styles your body shape suits. Trial and error can also provide you with a good indication of what summer plus size clothing looks best. Enjoy looking your best in the sun!

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