Summer Holiday Essentials

Summer Holiday Essentials: My guide for Stress Free Fun

Summer Holiday Essentials

Stress-Free Fun: To coincide with the Sara Holiday catalogue that is now available online and in hard copy, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share my Summer Holiday Essentials with you.

I love summer and I also love going on holidays with my family, relaxing and taking the time to enjoy life and create new memories together… as long as it’s stress-free and fun!

The following items are a must for me to take on any summer holiday. I have learnt over the years that less is more when packing for any trip. How many times have we all overpacked?


#1 Sunscreen – it is a must! Be sure to have one for the face and one for the body. These days the sunscreens designed for the face are lighter so they don’t clog pores and don’t leave a greasy residue but still protect your skin.

#2 Beach Bag – Get a cute bag that is big enough to throw all your bits and pieces in when you hit the beach, pool or shopping centre. Make sure you have a zipper compartment for keys, wallet and phone.

Ljubenka's Summer Holiday Must-Haves: Beach Bag

#3 Sunglasses – I don’t leave home without them! Sunglasses will allow you to see and protect your eyes and the area around them from sun damage. 

#4 Floppy Hat – I always make sure I have a wide brim hat to protect my skin and face from the sun.

Ljubenka's Summer Holiday Must-Haves: Floppy Hat

#5 Thongs/Flip Flops – Are the easiest way to get around in summer and with so many cute colours and designs, it makes packing just one pair a little harder.

Capture Jasmine Sandal

#6 Sandals – I love cute flats that dress up any outfit when you’re not on the beach or pool side.

Summer Holiday Essentials: One Piece Swimsuit

Must-have: Summer Cover up

#7 Swimsuit – This is a summer essential for sure. I always pack a two piece and a one piece, depending on what kind of activities are planned for the day. I’m not a fan of tan lines.

#8 Sarong/Tunic/Cover Up – A must for keeping the sun off me as well as being able to walk around without feeling too exposed.

#9 Aloe Vera Gel – A great product to soothe dry, sun-exposed skin after a day in the elements.

#10 Lipstick – I love wearing bright lipsticks in summer as I tend not to wear as much makeup when on holidays. I’m obsessing over MAC Liptensity lipstick in Habanero, which is a tomato red that I recently bought in New York. 

#11 Light scarf – A lot of places tend to be air conditioned in the summer so a light scarf in my bag never goes astray. It can double up as a protective layer from the sun too and dress up any outfit.

#12 Denim Jacket – For cooler nights or places that turn up the air conditioning too much, a cute denim jacket can go with anything you throw together and it doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Must-haves: a light scarf and playful shift
Must-haves: a light scarf and playful shift dress

#13 Summer Dress – An easy and flowy summer dresses in cotton or linen are the way to go when the temperatures are high. Natural fabrics and fibres are best and allow your body to breathe.

Summer Holiday Essentials: A Linen Dress

#14 Maxi Dress – This versatile dress doesn’t cling to your body and when it’s 40 degrees celsius you are certainly relieved you’re not wearing something manmade!

Is there anything else you would recommend or pack when traveling on your summer holiday or vacation, please let us know! It’s always fun to share our ideas and experiences for what we think are our Summer holiday essentials.

Enjoy your summer wherever you may go or end up and don’t forget to be sun safe!



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