Plus size Fashion - Melissa McCarthy
Plus size Fashion - Melissa McCarthy

Star Style Series – Melissa McCarthy

In the latest blog series from us at EziBuy we look at some of our favourite stars and their star style secrets.

We don’t even know where to begin when talking about our affection for Melissa McCarthy… Hilarious, smart, confident, witty, honest and talented; this woman is taking Hollywood by storm and there’s no doubting as to why.

From her days as Suki in Stars Hollow to her current roles in feature films like Bridesmaids, The Boss and Spy; Melissa is proving that funny women can hold their own in an industry that predominantly favoured men, and more importantly that these women are more than just funny; they’re smart, sexy and full of sass!

Melissa has spoken openly of her trouble with the fashion industry; from dressing her plus sized apple shaped frame in a town that stocks sizes 0 to 4 to finding curvy clothing fit for a red carpet when designers themselves refused to dress her, it’s not been the most accepting group to infiltrate but she’s done it with a kick ass attitude and killer outfits.

Take a look at some of Melissa’s standout styles to see how to dress your apple shape like a star.

Empire Dresses

Melissa knows how to rock a red carpet look like a pro, opting for empire line dresses works to emphasize the smallest part of the body just under the bust, in turn creating a curvier silhouette through the bust and waist. Whether it’s a 50’s style skirt and blouse, formal gown or cocktail dress; this shape flatters the figure beautifully and looks incredibly feminine.

Check out some of the looks above and see how confident Melissa looks rocking this trend.

Grecian Draping

Few trends embody timeless glamour like that of Grecian style draping; a trend that works on every body shape, draping has the ability to create a long line silhouette, hide ‘problem’ areas where necessary and can be kept simple and elegant or paired with jewels and embellishments for a glitzy finish. See some of Melissa’s draping looks above.


We love, love, love a print. Whether it’s a bold floral number, a muted animal print or graphic blend of watercolour hues, modern monochrome, retro polka dots, slimming stripes or a Jackson Pollock inspired painterly print, prints work to draw the eye and focus it on the frock itself. Prints can be longline, mini’s, fitted dresses or shift shapes, whatever works for your body.

The only rules when it comes to wearing prints is that it match your complexion well and the print itself is proportional, for example a curvier lady in tiny polka dots tends to get lost in the dress, likewise for slimmer women in large scale prints.

See above how Melissa has mastered the print.

Flaunt your assets

Dressing for a plus sized figure does not mean covering yourself from head to toe in shapeless outfits designed to hide every part of you, like every shape and size it’s about embracing your key features.
The key to flaunting your assets is to work out which of your features you like best and rock that one.
For Melissa that means covering the upper arms and flaunting the legs however, it may be the exact opposite for you, it certainly is for me.

If you’re a little shorter in stature opt for lengths that fall just below the knee, creating a longer and leaner leg and offering proportion. Also, don’t be afraid to mix in colour, pleats and beading to offer a little extra glitz and glamour for night time events.

Off Duty Style

Like all of us Melissa doesn’t need to be dressed in red carpet gowns all day everyday and opts for easy to wear, functional pieces in her down time.

Jeans, tapered trousers, jackets and flowing tunics all play a large role in Melissa’s off duty style. Again, Melissa shows off her legs by choosing fitted designs for the lower body and more flowing longline tops for the upper half.

And with her own clothing line replicating these key looks it’s clear that these fashion cues are working for Miss Melissa.

Are you an apple shape? What tips and tricks do you have for dressing your body?

Don’t know your shape? Find out by clicking here and let us know whose celebrity style you’re currently coveting in the comments below.

Take your cue from Melissa McCarthy
Take your cue from Melissa McCarthy

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