Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Sara Overshirt, Style Number: 78266


Ever wanted to wear pale pink but not sure whether you can pull it off? Here are some tips.

Shades of pink
Above: Pink Lace, Baby Pink, Cameo Pink, Cherry Blossom Pink

Who can wear pale pink?

Pale pink looks great with just about any hair and eye colour, and suits tanned or dark skin best. If you have a pale complexion, add some colour to your face with blusher in warm coral or carnation when wearing light pink – otherwise you might end up looking drained.

Pretty in Pink
Sara Lace Front Tunic, Style Number: 80120

Which colours match pale pink?

Wear pink with nudes and neutrals – it looks great paired with black, white, cream, bone, beige, chocolate, charcoal or a warm slate grey. For an English rose look, team it up with darker reddish pink shades like primrose, burgundy, crimson or carmine.

Pretty in Pink
Sara Crop Cardigan, Style Number: 80117


What about jewellery?

When choosing jewellery to match pale pink, look at the warmth of the colour – is the pink more yellowish or more blue? Warmer yellowish pinks like Baby Pink and Cherry Blossom look good with warmer-coloured metals like gold and rose gold, while cooler blue-based pinks like Pink Lace and Cameo look best matched with silver.

As for the style of jewellery, think elegant, delicate and ultra-feminine. A silver droplet necklace or pearls will look fantastic, a chunky modern mesh choker in gunmetal blue – not so much.


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