Looking for a plus size wedding outfit?
Looking for a plus size wedding outfit?

Tips to Help you Shop for the Best Plus Size Wedding Outfit

Looking for a plus size wedding outfit?
Grace Hill Woman Beaded Shift Dress

Looking for a plus size wedding outfit? Weddings are arguably the happiest events people can be invited to be apart of.

The entire notion of a wedding is celebrating unconditional love with family and friends, and makes each occasion we’re invited to some of the most memorable of our lives.

Although, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the stress of getting organised for the big day. That’s right – you don’t have to be the bride to stress over your plus size wedding outfit, it’s hard on wedding guests as well!

Finding beautiful plus size formal dresses isn’t always easy, so it’s no surprise that you often start to stress when a special occasion rolls around. Luckily, we’re here to help you narrow it down.

So take a breath, remember that the day is all about unconditional love and that includes ourselves, and ask yourself the following questions when deciding on the perfect plus size wedding outfit.

Which feature would you like to show off?
Take a quick look in the mirror and your eyes will naturally be drawn to look at your best feature. Or perhaps you notice that you stand in a particular way to show this feature off? Is it your shapely legs, tanned arms, curvy waist or great bust? Once you’ve decided which of your fab features is going to take a lead role, now you can pick a style of plus size dress with this in mind

● Legs – Consider a dress that comes to your knees, showing off your calves, or a plus size maxi dress with an alluring split.
● Waist – Go for a dress which gathers at the waist, such as a plus size cocktail dress, rather than a ‘shift’ dress or similar.
● Bust – Choose a nice neckline, preferably gathered at the waist as well – ‘fifties’ fashion looks great on women who are wanting to show off their bust and/or waist, with the fitted styles showing off your beautiful curves. Usually fitted, fifties inspired pieces are classic formal dresses as well, which is perfect for a wedding occasion.
● Arms/Decolletage – Go for thinner shoulder straps or a strapless cocktail dress.
● Back – showing off the back can be a very classy and on point way to add something different to your outfit. Go for an understated cocktail dress or evening dress and let the cut of the dress do the talking, rather than colour or pattern.

Is it the right fabric?
Depending on what style of dress you’re after, make sure the the fabric suits the style.

If you’re going for a tailored look, the fabric will likely be heavier than the fitted and flowing light fabrics. If you like the feel of a fabric it also tends to go a long way towards your feelings towards the dress generally. If you find yourself, softly admiringly the fabric through your hands you could be onto a winner.

Lace fabrics are also a never-fail style at weddings, providing depth to an outfit and coverage-with-class for the wearer.

What colour? (white being off the cards of course)
Remember – you’re attending a wedding. It’s one of the most joyous occasions you will attend, so reflect this in your colour choice (without dressing head to toe in flouro pink or yellow – save that for the gym!). Weddings are a great chance to bring a bit of tasteful colour to the party.

There are some beautiful block colours and prints out at the moment, so pick a colour which you matches your skin tone – are you warm or cool?

‘Warmer colours’ as they are called, are colours with yellow undertones such as rich shades of gold, orange, khaki, camel and beige usually suiting people with darker skin tones and brown or green eyes. ‘Cool’ colours are crisper and include shades of grey, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple and burgundy and usually suit people with blue eyes and fairer complexions.

Remember as well, if you’re going with print be sure to minimise your makeup and accessories.

Is it season approved?
So you’ve got the dress, but is it season proof?

As we approach the colder months, make sure it looks good with stockings and either a nice tailored blazer or longline cardigan to make sure you not only look great but you can also enjoy the day comfortably.

Is it fun proof?
Everyone has had ‘that’ dress. The one that looked perfect on the rack, but as soon as you put it on you feel uncomfortable, restricted in your movement, or concerned about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. If it requires too much strategically placed tape or restrictive body shaping underwear, it’s best to choose another dress.

Overall the most important question is – do you feel comfortable to dance, eat, drink and be merry in your outfit?

At the end of the day whatever plus size wedding outfit you go for will only be as good as it makes you feel when you’re wearing it. No matter how perfect ‘on paper’ the dress may appear, it’s not the right one for the occasion, nor worth wearing if you don’t feel comfortable cutting loose and having fun in it!

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