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There are lots of great items of clothing out there to cater for plus size women, but one of the most flattering and versatile pieces of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe is a tunic.

A tunic can look stylish and chic if you’re going out on the town but can look smart in the office or serve as a go-to weekend look. They’re also a great alternative to wearing dresses in winter!

They come in a variety of styles to suit women of any size but their forgiving silhouette is especially great for the plus size woman. They can help to hide those problem areas around your tummy and hips.

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but the trick to feeling confident is to pick a tunic that will highlight your best assets.

● Consider colours that complement your skin tone and hair colour. A darker colour tunic may beautifully contrast lighter hair or skin tones. A warmer tunic with oranges, yellows and reds may compliment darker hair or skin tones.

● Your height will also help decide the style of tunic that works best for you. If you’re tall, the hemline should end about mid-thigh. If you’re shorter, then you’ll need one with a shorter hemline. You don’t want to drown in it!

So now that you’ve got your eye on the right tunic, where can you wear it? You’ll love the versatility of your new tunic; here are a couple of ways you can rock it:

Wear it out to events:
Winter events can be tricky to dress for – you want to stay warm and covered up, but be comfortable inside without getting too warm. Often it can be difficult to achieve the right look with dresses and leggings – but this is when the tunic really shines. The contrast between having a loose fitting top on top and something lean on the bottom means your outfit looks great every time.

• Firstly, choose a tunic that compliments your figure. The hemline should end mid-thigh.

• To make sure you’re comfortable and warm, pair your top with your favourite leggings and boots or skinny jeans.

• Again, if you’re going for comfort, wear some nice ballet flats. If you want to dress your look up, just add a comfy pair of heels or knee-high boots.

• You can throw on a high waisted belt and a scarf to add accent to your outfit. A necklace and great bag will also help to complete your desired look!

• Remember that bangles, necklaces and bags are your best friend and will complete your look.

Wear it to the office:

You can wear the above look to the office or change it up a little, just keep it professional by avoiding low necklines. The main things to do are:

• Find a long top that compliments your body type and that reflects your personal style.

• Choose a knee length skirt or some skinny trousers. If it’s casual Friday, patterned tights may be the way to go!

• Grab the heels you haven’t worn in a while and show them some love.

• Try tying a knot at the waist and pairing a cute pencil skirt.

• Again, a belt can look great, but is optional. You can instead pick some matching jewellery that will highlight the colours in your top.

Wear it to the beach or pool:
In the warmer months, it is a great piece of clothing to wear if you’re near the water. You can wear a thinner cotton style top over your favourite swimwear; not only will you feel more confident but you’ll look great too. Or, with the right pair of shorts and some dress sandals, you’ll be ready to hit your favourite cafe for brunch. In the evening, tuck it into the front of a pair of jeans (ripped jeans optional) and wear heels in a matching colour. Leave it flowing out the back. You could even add a baseball style cap!

With a tunic or two and your imagination, the possibilities are endless. For plus size women, it’s great to have something you can wear in so many different ways, yet make you feel fabulous each time. No matter your age or body type, you can look stylish and fresh. Happy hunting!

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