Plus Size Fashion Tips: What to wear to a winter wedding

Weddings are a great excuse to wear something a little bit special. In the summer months it’s easy – all you have to do is find a glam dress and avoid wearing white. The winter months however can be a bit of a challenge. Here are our top tips for looking your best – while staying warm and comfortable – at a winter wedding.

Love your layers

It’s obvious but it needs to be said. Plan your layers ahead of time!

Find out beforehand whether the wedding ceremony is to be held indoors, or out in the chilly weather, and dress accordingly. The last thing you want is to have a gorgeous dress picked out, and on the wedding day you have to hide it behind a mismatching coat or last year’s raggedy old cardigan when the weather turns bad. Great options for a winter wedding would be a cute coat with ruffles and interesting detailing, or a drapey cardigan with a bit of sparkle.

Take care with colour

Muted pastels and floral colours are the norm at spring and summer ceremonies, and black is usually a no-no (after all, it’s a wedding, not a funeral!) However, at a winter wedding, black is actually ok – especially if the ceremony is held in the late afternoon or evening.

Jewel colours like emerald, violet, sapphire blue and deep winter shades such as burgundy, berry and forest green will also look fantastic. Don’t be tempted to wear white to complement a snowy white winter theme – wearing white to a wearing is never a good idea, unless specifically requested by the bride. It’s also always a good idea to check with the bride what colour the bridesmaids are wearing, and avoid that particular hue.

Click to shop. Here is our favourite winter combination – a steely slate blue with silver accents:


Choose the right shoes

Shoes can be tricky for a winter wedding, as warm boots might not be appropriate. Avoid shoes with thin straps which expose too much skin to to the cold – opt for footwear which covers a bit more of your foot, and possibly pair with sheer tights for added warmth. With all the walking and dancing that a wedding involves, you might find that your feet are getting sore. These ballet flats are lightweight and fold up neatly inside your bag – perfect to slip on if your feet start to get tired.

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Jewellery for a winter wedding

When choosing your jewellery, keep in mind that warmer tones (reds, berry, yellow, coral) complement gold, and cooler tones (blue, green, purple) tend to look better with silver. If uncertain, go with silver – it’s a lovely choice for winter, evoking the icy cool tones of snow.

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Add a little something special

Try a jewellery scarf for an accessory that keeps you warm while adding some sparkle to your outfit. Another great way to add a wintry twist to your outfit is to try a fur collar. Our European Collection Faux Fur Collar is easy to secure in place with a nifty fabric loop.

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Have you ever been a guest (or part of the bridal party) at a winter wedding? What did you wear? What are your tips? Tell us in the comments below!


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