Modern Curve Winter Top Picks

Happy start of the winter season everyone! I hope the weather hasn’t been too crazy of late, whether wet or cold. I hear from family and friends that so far, those in Sydney and the Gold Coast/Brisbane area have had spectacular weather of late.

Lucky you! Here in New York, we’ve had small tiny glimpses of spring and then, these last four days we have dragged out our winter weather coats and clothes… Yet again! See, you have to be prepared for it all don’t you? One just never knows…

That said, what about the Modern Curve Winter Edition 1 catalogue? What do you think? Any favourite pieces, styles and trends you are loving and want more of? Don’t be shy now… Let me know what you’re thinking and excited about.

I certainly have some pieces that I’m loving and are a must have for me this early winter season. It’s about layering and mixing and matching for me. It’s about versatility, style and fun at the same time. Let’s not forget having some beautiful evening options too for the romance and chic in our lives.

My top picks for Winter Edition 1 are:

Slim Bengaline Pants – page 10

Convertible Cargo pant – page 14

Hooded Anorak – page 15

Striped Tee – page 16

Print Floral Shirt – page 21

Coloured jeans (indigo & black) – 21 & 22

Placement Print Tunic – page 29

Tab Sleeve Shirt – page 30

Animal Print Shirt – page 34

Jacquard Blazer – page 35

Jacquard pants – page 35

Beaded Maxi Dress – page 37

Lace Dress – page 37

Beaded Sequin Dress – page 37

Lace Dress – page 38

Bead Trim Top – page 39

Sequin Trim Blouse – page 39

Jacquard Jeans – page 41

Bubble Blouse – page 41

Biker Jacket – page 42

Funnel Neck Jacket – 43

Sparkle Maxi – page 47

Bandage Dress – page 47

Stripe Jumper – page 48

Knitted Tunic – page 48

Drapey Cardigan – page 49

Enjoy the falling of the leaves and the cozy cooler months that are to come. Cuddle, kiss and enjoy the company of those you love and respect. Life like the seasons is relatively short. Let’s make the most of it all!

Till next month… Be well.



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