Modern Curve Summer Favourites

Happy days are here! It is spring and summer is just around the corner. Isn’t it fabulous to finally shed the layers of winter? It’s a new season with new clothes and new beginnings for all.


In the current Modern Curve Summer catalogue, be sure you take a look at the active and swimwear which is perfect for the warmer weather.

There are also many light, summer linen choices that shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

The Modern Curve Summer catalogue is out now and there are some key pieces I’d like to add to the spring-time favourites. Please see below:

Sara Peplum Top – page 4
Grace Hill Woman Cashmere Blend Sweater – page 12
Grace Hill Woman Back Tunic – page 12
Sara Tencel Pants – page 21
Sara Lacy Front Sweater – page 21
Sara Print Tunic – page 37

Stay tuned for some behind-the-scene images of our recent Modern Curve shoot coming soon.

Happy days to all!

Be well.


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