Curve Fit Model - Sarah

Meet our Plus Size Fit Model, Sarah from Print and Petal

We caught up with our fit model for our Sara brand.

Sarah has many talents! She is a fit model for EziBuy’s plus size range, fashion model for 62 Models and business owner for Print and Petal. She’s pretty inspiring so we wanted to know a little bit more about her.

Curve Fit Model - Sarah

What do you do at EziBuy?
I’m a fit model for Ezibuy. This means that my measurements are used to make sure that all the garments that come in are fitting at a consistent size. So all the size 16’s will be size 16’s because they are measured against the same constant.

How did you get into modelling?
In 2015, last year, I was scouted while I was working in the city. A lady came up to me and explained that there was a photo shoot coming up that they needed a model for and asked if I would be interested. I was really taken aback but I said yes. From there I was signed to 62 Models. It was such a good choice because despite the nerves and initial self doubt it’s such an empowering career.

What’s the best job that you’ve done so far?
Surprisingly, my last runway was probably my favourite. I got to meet and mingle with some really amazing women who were walking for the same brand. The energy of the day was great. I had been so nervous beforehand though! Fashion shows terrify me because of the behind the scenes side of things. The walks themselves are fantastic but needing to change outfits within 10 seconds is so stressful. The pressure is incredible. It’s the kind of thing that seems like the world depends on it in the moment and then it’s done and you can take a step back and laugh at how intense the situation is.

How do you feel about being defined as a plus size model?
It’s a term that has really established itself in the industry as a legitimate category of modeling, so I find it really empowering. When I started I felt like being a plus size model made me less of a model than standard sized chicks. I think this was more to do with how I was treated as a plus size girl throughout most of my life. After becoming a model people started wanting to celebrate my body and imperfections, so being a plus size model has always been a great thing. It was simply my insecurities that had me looking at myself sideways. I’m so proud of my position as a plus size model now. Younger me would be speechless!

Curve model is a term that I would like to see more normalized as well. ‘Plus’ does tend to imply that it’s extra, whereas I see us as not just larger than the size 6’s but different entirely. Our bodies are incomparable. Clothes fit different, look different, feel different on curvier girls so the term used to describe us could better reflect that. At the end of the day it’s just a nickname. We’re all just playing dress up and posing for the camera.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models?
Just use every available platform for self-promotion. Whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, just remember to promote yourself true to who you are and the kind of model you’d like to be. Take all opportunities. Check out application processes on agency websites. The best things you can do are just to research your available resources and work your butt off.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, if I ever get any, I like to write and make things for my small business Print and Petal. Flower crowns, illustrations; it’s all fun. Of course a glass of rosé with friends is always a perk to empty afternoons. My business is based mostly on Wedding and Event Florals but when I don’t have any on I try to further develop my giftware line, which is mostly flower crowns, illustrations, and other really unique floral goodies.

I dream of a day where I can just mull about the house, cleaning, decorating, making things, and trying on new outfits. In between running my business and modeling it’s hard to find time to do the little things.

How did you start your floral business?
I’ve always loved flowers. One of my sisters and I used to talk about owning our own flower shop later in life. For some bizarre reason I never thought of being a florist as a life-long career. My goal had always been teaching. After studying, and quitting secondary education I felt stuck. Eventually I figured that I might as well see if I was any good at floristry. I fell in love instantly. It was like I suddenly realized what I was born to do. My Fine Arts degree could actually be applied to something. I was stoked.

I never thought I wanted to be self-employed though because I’ve never had a good mind for accounting. After working for a really talented florist for a while I started to crave the creative freedom that only being my own boss would allow. It’s really difficult to just do as you’re told in creative industries when you want to be the one making the calls on styling.

My best friend since year nine at Onehunga High School was actually the one to give me a push. We started the business together but typically life got in the way and she was given some amazing opportunities elsewhere. It was a bit strange being on my own to do this but it worked out best for everyone. She was so supportive and really helped me spend the first year of business developing the brand. My partner has also always been very supportive. He is my absolute hero. I honestly don’t know how people do this kind of thing alone because without the love of my friends and family I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

What’s your main go-to flower and why?
It really depends. My go to flower changes depending on what’s in season. At the moment we’re in peony season so they are just taking over my life. Not that I’m complaining. I’m so obsessed with them! There’s something about Peonies that just makes everyone fall head over heels. The fact that they are only around for a little while makes them extra special. Other go-to’s of mine include a Colombian rose called Quicksand and white stock. They’re really on trend and effortlessly beautiful.

Where can people learn more about Print and Petal?
You can follow my day to day fun on my Instagram @printandpetal_ and Facebook: Print and Petal. My website,, is something I try to update as often as possible. It’s better used as a catalogue for price points, photos of previous work, and how to get in touch. For everything in between just email me at

Is there anything from EziBuy that you absolutely love or are lusting over at the moment?
One of the perks of being a fit model is being gifted samples ahead of their release! So something that I was gifted is my favourite piece – that’s my white and blue stripe off the shoulder top. I am pretty much just obsessed with everything off the shoulder and/or statement sleeve!

EziBuy Blue and White Stripe Top - a gift to our fit model
Our Sara brand fit model just loves this off the shoulder blue and white top

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