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In varied states of down under

Who can believe it’s the end of October? Not me that’s for sure! Doesn’t it appear that time flashes by faster and faster… or is it simply me?

That said, fall (autumn) is upon us in the northern hemisphere and our layers are slowly building up and up. Everyone I know here in the big apple is sad that our summer started and ended at record speed. It’s all about your summer here.

Great news for the southern hemisphere, bring on the heat, sun and fun of summer! Hence, the Sara High Summer catalogue. Just when you thought your summer options had come to a standstill, there is more!

My family and I are looking forward to spending Christmas and the New Year in Australia (in varied states of down under) as we get around to see both my husband’s and my families. These last few years we have ended up with one week or so to chill and spend time together in the sun on ‘holiday’. Not much time when you come to think of it… we need to change that I think!

Anyway, it’s the end of October and that spells out HALLOWEEN. Mila is dressing up as a princess (of course), and Levi will be a racing car driver. He is obsessed with cars! I can’t tell you how many he has of varying colours and sizes… cars, cars and more cars!

So on Sunday we attend the annual Halloween Parade in our wonderful neighbourhood. It really is so much fun to see the kids dress-up. Some adventurous adults take the plunge also… not my husband and I! We try and keep our cool on during the daytime anyway!

Have a fabulous start to the summer.

Be well.


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