How to wear purple

Sara Scoopneck Sweater, Style Number: 83331


Ever wanted to wear more purple but not sure whether you can pull it off? Here are some tips for getting this tricky colour right.

Shades of purple
Above: Pansy, Mardi Gras, Violet, Grape


Choose the right shade of purple to match the season. A darker, cooler purple (like Aubergine) works well for winter, while a lighter or brighter purple (like Orchid or Lavender) is great for the warmer months.


Wear it in moderation. Purple is such a strong statement colour that wearing too much at once can be a fashion disaster.


Mix it up. Greys and browns look fantastic with purple. For a colour blocked look, try mixing a bright Violet with Aqua or Emerald.


Sara ‘V’ neck Tunic, Style Number: 82531


Mix two very different shades of purple. Unless you choose two shades of similar warmth (a warm red-based purple like Mulberry with another warm purple like Pansy), it’s easy to cross the line from glam to garish.

Wear purple with red, unless you want to give everyone around you mild eyestrain. Violet and red are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, so when viewed together, they’ll cause what’s called a chromatic aberration – the different colour wavelengths cause the eye lens to work overtime trying to register both colours. You’ll end creating a strobing effect and an instant headache.


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