How to wear colour with confidence

As the weather gets cooler, it becomes increasingly tempting to reach for our trusty black staples, however this season, sombre winter hues have been replaced with a palette of bold brights!

When choosing which colours to wear, it might be helpful to know what ‘season’ your hair and skin-tone falls into. In general, those who suit navy blue and charcoal grey as opposed to warmer colours most likely have a cooler undertone and may have a summer or winter complexion. Those who are better suited to warmer colours such as honey beige and soft brown are likely to have a golden undertone and may be classified as having an autumn or spring complexion.

To determine what season you are, begin by reading our article on what colours suit you best or try visiting the make-up counter at your local department store. Your hair colourist is also a great person to ask for advice.

Here in Australia, we naturally tend to gravitate toward black clothing, so if wearing colour is foreign to you, start by adding a few bright accessories to your outfit – think handbags, shoes, jewellery, scarves or even nail polish. If you own a lot of black clothing, try incorporating some jewel tones (emerald, ruby, amethyst etc) which look great with black.

For a never fail way to work colour into your wardrobe, choose a single piece in a bright hue e.g. a cobalt trench or mustard blazer, and pair with other neutrals such as nude heels and your favourite pair of black slim leg jeans.

When choosing an outfit remember that there is generally no colour that you should avoid, however, depending on your skin-tone you may suit a particular shade of a certain colour more than another – simply experiment and take note of which colours make you feel good.

Here are few colourful looks we love;

Blogger Tanesha Awasthi

Blogger GabiFresh

Sara Belted Trench

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