How to Wear Animal Print with Class

Some people love it, some people hate it, and those who wear animal print certainly need an acquired taste.

The number one rule when it comes to styling yourself in animal print: Keep it simple. Just like in the real world, zebras don’t mix with tigers, nor do leopards and snakes so don’t mix and match or you’ll look like you got lost in a safari.

Once you’re set on your chosen species, it’s still appropriate to keep it simple. One piece is enough. Those new to the trend may want to start off lightly with some kind of accessory. An animal print handbag, belt or scarf is a great way to ease yourself into a great love affair with this fashion icon without overcommitting too soon. Team it with plain black clothing and you’ll never look back.

Once you’ve progressed past the accessory stage, you may like to wear something a bit bolder. This Sara Print Cardigan from EziBuy would look perfect with neutral jeans, and plain singlet and high heels.
Have fun with different textures, and keep in mind that the print will accentuate the body part it covers so choose wisely, but most importantly remember to keep it simple.

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