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It’s Holiday time!


Who cannot wait for the holidays to start? I for one have my hand held up high in the sky — it’s been a crazy year full of travel, amazing work and family commitments let alone the everyday stuff that consumes most of our lives. I am looking forward to sitting still for a bit and enjoying the company of my loved ones in a calm and relaxed setting. I have just under two weeks to go before I am done for the year.


The Holiday catalogue is out and there are some essential pieces that will make this time of year even more special.

My Holidays pics are:


  • Sara Embroidered Dress (page 4)
  • Sara Print Tunic (page 5)
  • Sara Print Woven Tee (page 14)
  • Sara Linen Shirt (page 14)
  • Sara Linen Pants (page 15)
  • Sara Soft Pants (page 20)
  • Sara Print Pull-On Pants (page 20)
  • Sara Beaded Neckline Dress (page 22)
  • Sara Cut-Away Maxi Dress (page 23)
  • Sara Mesh Insert Maxi Dress (page 23)
  • Sara Stripe Overlay Maxi Dress (page 25)
  • Sara Maxi Dress Tie Back (page 25)
  • Grace Hill Woman Asymmetric Tunic Dress (page 26)
  • Evans Swing Camisole (page 26)
  • Sara Embellished Cover Up (page 42)


Check out the EziBuy – Modern Curve Catalogue here


What do you love about this time of year?


What are you looking forward to during the holidays?


What can’t you live without over the holiday season? Must haves?

I want to know!


This week we start shooting Modern Curve Autumn 2015 — stay tuned for some behind-the-scene shots and commentary.


Have a wonderful week.


Be well.




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