Curve Clothes: Grey Cape and Mutli Colour Poncho
Grey Cape and Mutli Colour Poncho

Curve Clothes that are Stylish and Essential for Winter

Curve Clothes: Grey Cape and Mutli Colour Poncho
Grey Cape and Mutli Colour Poncho 

We’re getting into the serious winter months now and curve clothing that is both warm and stylish is becoming essential.

In the plus size or curve (however you want to describe) category, ticking both of these options can get quite difficult, so we’ve compiled the best of the best from our brand, Sara – to make your wardrobe search easier.

Sara winter fashion is all about luxe textures and rich layering and – above all – keeping warm and beautiful.


Coats are the most important part of any winter outfit. Most people tend to have that one winter coat that gets unearthed at every cold turn of the season; don’t be afraid to branch out and treat yourself to a new one. Statement coats are a huge trend this winter season, and we’re loving the bright pop of colour from this coat. Or, be on top of the classical monochrome trend with this structured blazer.


Wraps will add instant warmth to your outfit and look effortlessly stylish. Since they’re so loose, they can be worn draped over the shoulders or even pulled in with a belt. This one is made from thick wool and will add colour to your look, whereas this one comes in a variety of colours- from light pink to grey.


Leather is making a statement this season and definitely isn’t only to be worn by tiny models. It will add edge and coolness to any outfit, and a good leather jacket is essential. This one fits every figure, and will instantly transform any outfit. However, if leather’s too confronting, soften it down with suede instead. These suede pants are a favourite, especially in tan, and this skirt is both a flattering length and gives a vintage feel.


Skinny-cut pants seem to be perennially in fashion, but they’re big this season with a cropped look. These pants will hug all your curves just right, blending stretch and structure into one. With a number of winter shades, these will update any outfit you wear them with. Leggings are also a fashion item that won’t disappear any time soon.


Texture is all about feel and look. The right textures can make your outfit, and Sara has lots of luxurious textures this season. This velvet- applique blouse will go with anything, and looks great at work or on a night out. If you want to move away from the darker colours, this tunic in white adds a romantic feel and is great for layering.

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