Sara Coatigan, available in berry, black and grey.
Throw it on, wear it under coats, over dresses and perfect for wearing out shopping!

It’s Effortless & On Trend and We Love Wearing Our Coatigan

Sara Coatigan, available in berry, black and grey.
Throw it on, wear it under coats, over dresses and perfect for wearing out shopping!

Have you found yourself rifling through your wardrobe and wondering what to wear as the seasons change? (Reason #1 you need a Coatigan).

You’re certainly not alone. The age old “What to wear today” question becomes even more prominent throughout the colder months when not only is looking good at the top of our minds, but our warmth and comfort also takes priority. The months leading into winter are certainly some of the most difficult to dress for, especially when the weather is unpredictable – rainy one minute and sunshine the next. Enter: the coatigan, one of winter’s must have items.

A simple solution
It mightn’t sound like the most glamorous piece of clothing in your closet but a long cardigan aka the coatigan is an absolute essential to help you mix things up and work your wardrobe to last throughout the inbetween months. The coatigan is an unstructured style usually crafted from a lightweight wool blend that’s available in different colours and styles depending on what you’re after. Not too thick and heavy that it’s bulky, but still cosy and warm enough to wear in chillier weather.

In essence, it’s the ultimate trans-seasonal piece! The not-quite-cold-enough-for-a-coat kind of coat that fills gap between heavy coat and thin long-sleeve layer. The unpredictable weather of winter has probably worked in favour of the coatigan as the popular long cardigan is the perfect layering piece in place of the otherwise bulky winter coat. The coatigan can easily be thrown over the shoulders as well as easily removed. It’ll become your go-to piece for rainy, casual days with leggings, or evening wear dressed up over skinny jeans and heels.

Master the in-between-season outfit
It’s not always easy to master the art of dressing to the weather. We all have days where we’ll rug up super warm and then find we wish we had a removable outer layer. Conversely, there are days where it looks sunny outside, but the office air conditioning is slammed way down low. The coatigan is the perfect solution for a grab and go coat, easy to throw on and off as the temperatures or conditions change.

Versatility plus
While it’s easy to assume the coatigan sounds like something your grandma might wear… you’ll find that it’s a piece that transcends ages and fashion preferences. The great thing about the coatigan is that it suits a number of different styles, fashions, age groups and personalities. Without age bias, the coatigan is popular among women from the ages of 18 to 80.

A popular choice for not only weekend and outerwear, but also office wear, eveningwear and for lounging around the home. Coatigan’s are a versatile option that can be paired with different looks so that they’re suitable for a number of different everyday situations. It looks great with bare legs – perfect for blustery days to help remove the chill, or layered over jeans and a shirt.

It’s HOT this cold season
Don’t believe us on the trend? Look to some of today’s popular celebrities including Nicky Hilton, Blake Lively and Gwen Stefani for evidence of how fashionistas are rocking the coatigan.

EziBuy have a number of different coatigan options to inspire your next snug and cosy outfit. Play with different lengths and shapes to find what best flatters your figure. Whatever it is you’re after, drapey and unstructured, patterned and abstract, minimalist and plain, thick knit and cosy, or raw edged and refined, there is bound to be a coat out there for you. If stepping out of home with comfort that mimics that of your favourite bathrobe appeals to you, you won’t want to forget about this trend!

Whip out your favourite scarf, throw on your coatigan, grab your statement clutch bag and you’re ready for the style stakes.

We Love: Sara Coatigan

We Love: Sara Rib Knit Coatigan

Are you going to give it a go this season?

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