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Plus Size Activewear

It’s the new year and if you’ve made a resolution to get fit or be more active then you’re probably hunting for some activewear to help you keep feeling motivated and comfortable while you’re exercising. I often have people asking me about where to find exercise wear and EziBuy is my number one go to.

This is Meagan Kerr Activewear | Sara Roll Neck Sweat
Sara Roll Neck Sweat

This zip up sweater is one of my essentials – it’s perfect for those early mornings when it’s still a little cool, and it has pockets so I can slip my keys in there while I’m walking.

Sara Tank With Shelf Bra | Sara Active Tank
Sara Tank With Shelf Bra | Sara Active Tank

Whether you’re walking, running, doing crossfit, hitting the gym or doing yoga, a top that is comfortable is really important. There is nothing worse than having to constantly adjust your top because it has ridden up or twisted! There are a lot of options at EziBuy in both tees and tanks – I prefer a tank because it gives me that extra range of movement (and let’s be honest – when it’s hot you want your clothing to keep you as cool as possible!).

Sara Mesh Hoodie | Sara Mesh Sweat Top
Sara Mesh Hoodie | Sara Mesh Sweat Top

For cooler mornings, a light sweater is the perfect coverup. It’s also great for those scorching days when you want a little bit of cover for protection from the harsh sun, but don’t want to overheat.

Addition Elle Active Capri | Sara Crop Pants
Addition Elle Active Capri | Sara Crop Pants

I have been converted to cropped pants for exercising in for two main reasons. Firstly, shorter pants means that I’m less covered – super important in summer as I’m less likely to overheat. Secondly, I have quite short legs, so longer pants are sometimes too long on me. I know I’m not alone here! Cropped trousers allow me to move without having to worry about extra fabric (or having to get my trousers taken up!).

What do you wear to exercise in summer?

xo Meagan
Get more plus size style inspiration from Meagan at her blog, This is Meagan Kerr.

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