@thisismeagankerr plus size fashion blogger
Photo: @thisismeagankerr wearing EziBuy

5 Stylish Plus Size Bloggers We Adore

@thisismeagankerr plus size fashion bloggers
Photo: @thisismeagankerr wearing EziBuy

It goes without saying that you don’t need to be a size 0 to be a fabulous fashionista. We love that there are beautiful, smart, witty and sassy plus-size fashion bloggers who are sharing their own version of beauty with the world.

Our selection of plus size fashion bloggers inspire others to embrace their curves, recognise the beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and to feel wholly confident in the skin they are in.

Here are 5 plus-size fashion bloggers that we love!

Meagan Kerr – www.thisismeagankerr.com
Meagan is a plus-size style blogger from Auckland who is passionate about plus-size fashion. She identified that there was a gap in plus-size fashion media in New Zealand, and is now sharing her experiences finding great plus-size fashion with other. She tells it like it is, offering positive tips for embracing your curves, from finding figure friendly swimwear to rocking stripes to beating ‘chub rub’!

Dani Mezza www.danimezza.com
Dani is an Australian plus-size fashion industry figure who shares her story – including fashion, beauty and lifestyle hacks for plus-size women – on her blog. She also founded Aussie Curves, a weekly social media community fashion project for Australian and Kiwi women who are size 14+, and regularly contributes to online forums and communities.

Nadia Aboulhosn www.nadiaaboulhosn.com
What began as an ‘outlet for self expression’ has turned into a place of inspiration for other plus-size women to share Nadia’s journey. Describing herself as a fashion blogger and ‘sometimes model and designer’ from Florida, Nadia curates beautiful fashion for plus-size women and encourages them towards fashion that complements their curves.

The Plus Size Life www.theplussizelife.blogspot.co.nz
Tess Munster is an LA-based plus-size model, make up artist, blogger and founder of body-positive social movement, #effyourbeautystandards. Bullied throughout school because of her size and appearance, Tess has now turned those once-perceived flaws into her biggest assets. She is passionate about inspiring other women to love their bodies, empowering them to embrace their curves and advocating body-size acceptance. “Tess is proof that determination, relentlessness, and positivity can look beautiful on anyone, and that there is a wonderful life past a size 20.”

Nicolette Mason www.nicolettemason.com
LA native, Nicolette, is a freelance creative consultant and a contributing editor at Marie Claire magazine. Outside of her day job, she pens her own body positive blog, where she shares her personal style, travel and the things she loves in fashion. Follow her social feeds for insider snaps of the fashion scene, fun travel pics and lustworthy shopping purchases.

There are so many more inspiring and empowering plus-size fashion bloggers to follow online. Some write regular blogs, others document their daily fashion and style inspiration through their social media feeds. Many bloggers link to others that also inspire them, so it’s not hard to find a few more that you’ll also love! If you have a favourite, share the link below.

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