Win a $50 gift card!

Win a $50 gift card

Mother’s Day is over for another year, but Mother and Daughter Month isn’t! We’re celebrating Mothers and Daughters until the end of May with our fabulous luxury weekend pamper trip competition, and the chance to win one of 10 $50 gift cards (one for you, one for Mum).

Win a $50 gift card!
All you have to do is tell us one thing that you and your mom have in common – whether it’s your dress sense, a love of putting hot sauce on ice cream or a crush on George Clooney. Post it in the comment field below to enter, and stand a chance to have another thing in common – matching gift cards from EziBuy.

We’ll choose the best answers randomly to win gift cards until the end of May, so spread the love and give your friends a chance to win with their mums too! Click the Facebook icon below to share.

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  1. My mum and I are very rare in our family. I am the only one that has her pretty blue eyes. Everyone else, even my little family with two beautiful girls has brown eyes. Thank you mum for making me as special as you! I look forward to hopefully shopping with my mum in the new ezibuy catalogue.

  2. We have many things alike, but “these are a few of my favourite things”;

    M Making fools of ourselves is something we both do,
    U Ultimately making us need a big pot of coffee brew.
    M Movie nights at home just us two,
    M Makes life seem a perfect shade of blue.
    Y Yes, we’re secretly mother daughter twins!

    1. We are both very organised & careful of our spending habits, but ezibuy has still got us both in, lol. Oh not to mentions we love clothes, just like most females.

  3. We both love a warm and cosy bed – especially in winter! We both happened to purchase the Carmella Quilt from Ezibuys last winter without the other one knowing!

  4. We are both ‘vertically challenged’ and find it hard to find clothes to suit – Ezibuy helps by letting us browse lots of clothes to pick the right style.

  5. We both love gardening, although she’s unable to physically do it these days, she still sits there for hours.

  6. My mum and I are both very houseproud and love helping each other to create welcoming and cozy homes.We both get particularly excited over new Ezibuy homewares catalogues!

  7. My mum & I both love clothes & good quality clothes that always look nice & people compliment us on them.

  8. We both tend to nag our husbands, and regretfully sound very much alike when we do it…

  9. I don’t have a daughter, but my daughter in law is like a daughter to me. We both love to cook together, and successful moments or failures, we have lots of laughs.

  10. I love how my Mother and I are supreme neat freaks, and love to fight dirt and grime the same way. Kinda funny to to read I know but I’m serious. We also have the same sarcastic sense of humor 🙂

  11. We both know when the other wants to speak to them….. I will, more often than not, have the phone in my hand to ring Mum when she rings me!

  12. We are both shop-a-holics and spend hours together enjoying shopping trips and bonding over our new purchases ( whilst poor Dad is stuck at work doing over-time to fund our shopping expeditions!)

  13. My mum and i just love spending time together, our time is meeting up each week to have a coffee and getting groceries. We both love grocery shopping, and sometimes spend way to long just looking at products and chatting. We also share a common interest in looking at ezibuy catologues over a coffee, looking at all the beautiful clothes that are on offer, and of course, purchasing some.

  14. A sense of humour as a survival instinct for all those times when if you didn’t laugh you would cry.

  15. My Mum and I share the same generosity – we would both do anything to help those people we love!

  16. We both love walking on the beach in any kind of weather – it soothes the soul and makes you feel refreshed! We also both love the same earthy tones for clothes in our wardrobe.

  17. we are almost like twins think and feel the same.. Alot its uncanny.. we alwyas metion something to each other that we have both done or felt latley… i love it. love ya mum ox

  18. We often say the same things at the same time – usually to my kids – and then look at each other and laugh (with the odd snort thrown in for good measure!). It cracks us up and makes my Dad roll his eyes. It’s even funnier when my sister is here too (she lives o/s) ’cause then you get all three of us saying the same thing at the same time 🙂

  19. Definitely the same taste in clothes. Since I was a teenager I have either been borrowing Mums clothes or getting her hand me downs. It hasn’t changed now I’m in my 30’s and Mum’s in her 60’s. Mum has such good dress sense I still wear her clothes.

  20. My mum and I are both quite stubborn, which made us clash when I was younger, but now has made us a formidable team. We both love our families and would defend them to the end.

  21. It may not be a good thing but we are both such kind hearted people that we are very quick to help anyone and sometimes get stabbed in the back

  22. we are both very different, except we seem to have the same premenstrual temper tantrum qualities, that is really the only thing that I can think of that my Mother and I have in common 🙂

  23. We both have a birthmark on our arms in the same place and we have an uncannyily similar dress style… Even when I was living 300 ks away she would get out of the car when coming to visit and we would have practically identical outfits on…

  24. We both work together, live together, shop together and are best friends. We usually fight over who can get what from the Ezibuy catalogues and have even been known to buy the same clothes in different colours without knowing it!

  25. We both love to put cinnamon on our coffee. She always did it when I was a child and I do it now too…

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