Our Sample Sales

“What happens to our samples?” We hear you ask…

In October the Creative Briefing Coordinators at EziBuy, put together thousands of samples that our ingenious buyers sorted through to make space in the caves of Aladdin that are our sample rooms.

Why do we have sample sales? Once the photo shoots for our website and catalogues are complete, and we are confident that the necessary work for every individual garment has been meticulously completed ready for publication, we can prepare for the new samples of future EziBuy clothing.

How do we set it up? The Creative Briefing Coordinators squeezed in over twenty rails of diverse fashion samples along the back walls, in the middle, at the sides, upside down and back to front of one of our meeting rooms.

What about all of your amazing shoes? The sea of shoes that we had were put into size and style order for shopping ease outside the sale room, and the constant flow of people stopping to try pairs on made an entertaining show of dodging and diving for us three who were taking payments.

What would be at the top of your list from the EziBuy catalogue if you had the opportunity to attend a sample sale?

The most popular shoes bought by our fashionable staff were the gorgeous ankle strap block heel shoe as well as these fabulous leather flats.

As you can imagine, unless your home is already swimming in over three years worth of sample sale items, it is with difficulty that you refrain from buying every gorgeous piece that you come across. You start to believe that you’re losing money by not buying it.

There is, after all, only so much space in a wardrobe before the other half starts to get suspicious about where this new flock of clothes appeared from that’s bulging through the cracks in the wardrobe doors…

Who is invited? We send an email to our staff 1 – 3 days before the event so that they 1) don’t have a sneaky pre-rummage, 2) remember to bring money in on the day, and 3) mentally prepare themselves for the bargain of the quarter.

We also pre-warn our eager shoppers that pinching, punching, or tripping is not tolerated, which, of course, is a joke! This doesn’t really happen. We are an easy-going bunch here at EziBuy!

In your mind, how do you envisage a sample sale at EziBuy with approximately 100 people in attendance?
We finish moving tables and chairs, rails and racks, plants and all sorts to make way for the exit, we set up a payment station as managed by our team and line up our calculators.

Were there any misdemeanors? Not a single one! With our price lists and a team of three at the ready we were well prepared and let the ladies and gentlemen loose into the fashion sample sale!

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