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Do you bake the best cake in Australia?

Win a recipe book


Every birthday needs a birthday cake, and here at EziBuy we’re busy celebrating the big 35. We’re looking for an amazing recipe to try out for our office birthday bash, and we need your help. We’d love to get your cake recipes. Tell us why your cake is the best ever in the comment section below. The most mouth-watering answer wins a gorgeous recipe book, where you can write down all your favourites.

The recipe doesn’t need to be your own. It can be from a cookbook, a website, a best friend. And there’s no need to send us the whole recipe (unless you want to) – just tell us what makes your cake special by commenting below this post.

*This competition is only open to EziBuy customers living in Australia

The competition is now closed. Thank you for your entries!


    1. Hi Mel, we’ll be publishing these recipes on Tuesday next week. There were some gorgeous cake recipes, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on the blog for that.

  1. I make a banana cake supreme with cream chesse frosting.
    Its the best banana cake ive ever had, and actually tasted better in the following days after its made.
    It can be eaten at room temperature, chilled or warm and is always moist and deliciuos every time

  2. I have the best moist rich chocolate cake recipe which has been now passed down through four generations. I have made it for my children and they are now making it! Never has it not “turned out” and we have eaten this cake to celebrate so many occasions – so many memories. And it is great just for the enjoyment of eating it.

  3. My choice celebration cake is undoubtedly the delectable Apple Cake. Each toothsome piece is a mere sample of heaven. The sweet tang of spice drifts past the nose and into the heart. The tempting warm caramel sauce oozes calmly over every scrumptious morsel of cake. Every mouthwatering bite beckoning for another.

  4. Conjuring up a rather pleasing carrot cake with lime and mascarpone icing is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. This carrot cake is an exceedingly good cake made all the more pleasing by my twist of lime mascarpone icing. Its delicious, it works and its better than any other carrot cake me and my family have tried. The first bite of this cake will have you wanting more as the balance of sweet and savory is appetizing to the tooth. The moist center is hidden away until you slice the cake, grasping the first look of a moist and rich cake. The velvety cake is sure to stimulate you taste buds. It has always been a winner in my family, having also become a favorite in my relatively old recipe book.

  5. This white-chocolate cheesecake recipe has a story behind it… In 2009, I went to Melbourne and stayed at Government House there with my grandma who was friends with the Governor’s wife (it was a big surprise they knew each other). While I was there, I was introduced to the main chef in the house’s kitchens, since I love cooking, and he gave me the recipe for the most scrumptious cheesecake that we’d had on a picnic the day before.

    Now I bake it all the time, and I have never come across anyone who DOESN’T like it. I was even told that it was “so yummy” by a friend who doesn’t like white chocolate or cheesecakes. 🙂

    And the best part is, being a coeliac, its gluten free!

    Below is the recipe:

    1kg cream cheese
    5 whole eggs
    2 yolks
    250g caster sugar
    1 vanilla bean
    300g melted white chocolate

    1. Beat cream cheese until soft and smooth.
    2. Add sugar and vanilla
    3. Add eggs one at a time until combined.
    4. Make up base of melted butter and almond meal or crushed shortbread biscuits.
    5. Pour melted white chocolate into cheesecake mix.
    6. Spread base and pour mix into cake tin or muffin trays.
    7. Bake for 30-40min in moderate oven. Set in fridge overnight.

    Hope this turns out alright for you also!

  6. i make the best victorian sponge cake ever! it is always fluffy like sponge cakes sould be. i cut it in half and fill with strawberry jam, strawberries and whipped cream. one bite of this mouthwatering cake,leaves you wanting more! every bite contains a friuty, cakey and creamy taste. relatives always ask me to make it when they are coming for a meal.

    1. Hi Chantelle,

      Thanks for entering. We’ve sent a surprise prize to all of the entrants. The email address you provided does not seem to be working however, so we are unable to contact you to get a postal address. If you’d like to receive your prize, please email your postal address to so we can get in touch.

  7. My favourite birthday would have to be by far, a caramel mud cake, have a great recipe that is dense, moist and very rich, with a caramel frosting for the icing. Perfect served warm or cold with a dollop of double cream. HEAVEN!!!!

  8. I make the most beautiful Hummingbird cake. Filled with carrot, banana, pineapple and walnuts. I then top it with a smooth maple cream cheese frosting. It is so moist and so delicious that whenever my family travel from interstate to visit with us they always phone ahead with a request so that it is waiting for them when they arrive.

  9. I have a tried and tested chocolate cake recipe that always gets compliments. The trick is to use applesauce instead of butter, that makes it extra moist, everyone always says its the best choc cake they have ever had LOL. I would love a recipe book, please pick me 🙂

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