Rae's on Watego's

A weekend in Paradise

Matamata Legal Executive Jacki and her Dairy Farmer husband Bruce were the lucky winners of a trip to Rae’s on Watego’s in Byron Bay. We asked Jacki what it was like spending a weekend at one of Australia’s most luxurious A-lister getaways. Here’s what she had to say…

Rae's on Watego's winner
Jacki was the lucky EziBuy customer who won a dream trip to Byron Bay.

Jacki, is this the first competition you’ve ever won?
First big one like this. I won some calf meal once!

Have you ever been to Australia before?
Yes, I’ve been to the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. I also did a tour with my sister when I was about 17 from Sydney up to MacKay.

What would a normal weekend away entail?
Travelling to Whangamata to hang out at the beach.

And how about when you stay in?
A normal weekend at home involves gardening, housework, laundry, mending, catching up on farm accounts and entertaining our dogs.

Rae's on Watego's scenery
The hotel is surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery.

What was the resort like?
Very luxurious. Top class and probably way out of our normal price range. The people were lovely and the place was so peaceful and serene.

What was the spa treatment like?
Just lovely. I felt great afterwards.

Rae's on Watego's
The hotel has been voted one of the world’s top 25 Hotels by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

And how was the food at the restaurant?
The food was gorgeous. I had Steamed Tasmanian Oysters, pan fried whiting with asparagus on the side and a lovely mandarin tart, and Bruce had Pan fried Calamari, Fish & Chips (the fish was Scarlett Emperor) and a Caramel panacotta type dessert.

It was well presented and absolutely delicious.

Rae's on Watego's walks
Rae’s is surrounded by ancient aboriginal sites and some of Australia’s most stunning beaches.

Best memory of the weekend away?
Lots of walking, watching the whales, swimming in winter, fabulous food and so nice to get away with my husband to somewhere so romantic.

How was the shopping? What did you spend your $1000 spending money on?
The shops were great. Good variety and plenty of very tempting buys. I bought some lovely candles, a Pandora Charm to commemorate the trip, a massive set of Mexican Rosary Beads, some incense holders and some gifts for family.

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