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Paddling in the rock pools seems like a whole life time ago now! Now that routine is returning and my husband is back at work, I can finally sit down to look at some of our holiday photos!

We took these in Westport, on the west coast of the South Island. We spent a long weekend there and it is such a beautiful place to visit. My husband was wearing some of his EziBuy clothes so I thought it was a great opportunity to snap some photos to share them with you! And. Well. He is pretty handsome in them too!

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My husbands natural style is very casual, and needs to suit an active lifestyle. You’ll often find him playing backyard cricket, touch rugby, golf or BBQ’ing with a beer in hand.

Here he is wearing the Southcape striped tee and the Southcape cargo shorts (navy check). We love the Southcape brand, its strong and feels like quality fabric that is worth more than its reasonable price.

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I’ve had a little giggle at these photos; being a Dad on a beach means constantly keeping up with your little people and playing in the water, sand and rocks with them. It’s a good life playing with little people!

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While we were on the beach we realised I was wearing my latest EziBuy outfit too! Here I am wearing the Capture beaded top (green stripe) and the Emerge skinny jeans (midwash).

I bought the beaded top to wear on Christmas day, and I cut my well loved skinny jeans off above the knee for some summer shorts. I just love the fit of the skinny jeans around my hips so it made more sense to do that and buy myself a new pair of jeans than to buy new shorts! Keep what you love, huh!

EziBuy Menswear 7

Other menswear favourites of ours are the Southcape striped polo and Southcape cargo board shorts. They’re both stylish and come in a range of colours, perfect for summer!

Shop them here: Polo & Boardies 


Did you get away this holiday season? Leave a comment and let me know what your must have clothing item is for this summer! For me, it’s this green top! I am loving it!

What we’re wearing::
Southcape Cargo Shorts (navy print)
Southcape Striped Tee

Emerge Skinny Jeans (hand cut above the knee)
Capture Beaded Top (green stripe)

Love, Sophie
You can find Sophie on her blog Sophie Slim

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