A Guy’s Guide to the Humble White T Shirt

There’s nothing quite like that perfect piece that effortlessly slips itself into every wardrobe (and enhances the outfit)! This men’s wardrobe staple whispers, rather than screams sleek, no frills elegance. It can be incorporated in so many outfits it’ll make your head spin, but don’t take our word for it- let some stars (both old and new) model the simple white tee and show you how it’s done with a few easy to wear outfits from our Ezibuy collection to turn your style fantasy into reality.

Why not channel your inner Travolta? There is no harm is throwing a bad-boy, black, blazer style leather jacket over that slim fit white T shirt. Really, who could resist a style so effortlessly sported by a gyrating Travolta in Grease Lightning? Let the shirt really show off by keeping your sleek leather jacket open to reveal your chest, trust us when we say that shirt will enhance any chest shape you have. If you want to really mirror the Travolta look, tuck that shirt in and pull on a leather belt through the loops on your boot-cut black or dark blue pants and finish it off with a black leather jacket, as bad-boy as you can get it. Keep your pants short enough to reveal a bit of white sock, Michael Jackson style, and lace up some black brogues ; leather or suede are our favourites. To shape this look into a contemporary version, wash out the wax in your hair, un-tuck the shirt and you’re ready to go. This one’s a real winner since the looser pants draw attention to the slim fitting shirt, the white tee is really the focal point contending only with the flash of your eye-catching, MJ socks. This is a really simple but disarming look; just don’t forget to brush up on your dance moves.

Even simpler still, let Marlon Brando inspire you, with his raw masculinity and offhanded sexiness that kept girls of the time swooning (and really who wouldn’t want this effect when walking down the street?). Who, having seen A Streetcar Named Desire, could deny the appeal of the requisite slim-fit white t-shirts that Brando, as Stanley, wore especially his white t-shirt look? Accentuating even slightly tanned skin is just another bonus on top of flattering your shape for the humble white tee and Brando certainly rocks the tan along with a self assured sneer. If you tough cookies are still not convinced that you need one of these in your shirt drawer, check out this style idea inspired by Brando (Stanley) himself. Pair your slim fit, white t-shirt with dark blue jeans and a studded black, leather belt and some black and chunky work-boots to finish off your casual, labour-intensive work look or just as casual street style.

Film star nostalgia didn’t pique the interest of your inner male-model? How about a bit of raw and gritty hip-hop fashion for a bit of style inspiration. They’ve all adopted one form or another, Lil Wayne pairing his white tee with plaid pyjama style lounge pants, Kanye with some requisite gold chains, Chris Brown with a pair of sweatpants, but the one that stood out for us is Ne-Yo’s take on the look, classing it up a bit wearing his tee under a suit. Though he was seen rocking a velvet-blue, metallic suit with his favourite white tee, a black trilby and dark shades, metallic blue won’t meet all dress codes and our altered version looks stylish for a night out, a semi-formal date or even an awards ceremony if you’re invited! Try on this navy suit jacket with matching pants for a more corporate alternative and wear the jacket open or buttoned with your white tee and some shiny dress shoes .

This is one look not to be taken for granted, so grab yourself a fitting white tee and get out there to be part of the best but most overlooked guy’s fashion item in the contemporary wardrobe.

mens white t-shirt

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