Fluffy fleece & your Winter Bucket List
Fluffy fleece & your Winter Bucket List

17 Things To Put on Your Winter Bucket List

Plan a Winter Bucket List: While it may indeed be a little more gloomy outside, your outlook doesn’t have to be.
Plan a Winter Bucket List: While it may indeed be a little more gloomy outside, your outlook doesn’t have to be.

Our long sunshine filled days are slowly on their way out and at the same time our trees are losing their flowers and leaves.

Winter is most certainly starting to close in. While it can be easy to get down at the onset of a new season, why not instead take advantage of the environmental changes by creating a winter bucket list?

While there are varying degrees of cold depending on where we reside, there are also aspects of the season that remain the same no matter where we are. Be it that we’re near snow capped mountains, or along wind-blown sandy beaches, we all experience shorter evenings, lower average temperatures and a subtle sense of things slowing down. Nature’s colours fade, animals rest in hibernation and we, too are encouraged to take on a slower, more relaxed and peaceful pace. It’s no wonder so many of us go into ‘hibernation mode’.

But it certainly doesn’t have to feel doomy and gloomy just because the weather isn’t the greatest. Whether we prefer to stay indoors with a blanket, or we will want to venture out to explore the environment, there are countless ways to savour and make the most of the winter season.

Although bucket lists don’t always need to be seasonal, by breaking them down into four different quarters, they appear more achievable and easier to accomplish. Bucket lists will vary widely depending on an individual’s taste, but to get you started, we’ve whipped up some ideas that’ll help to fill your days and keep the magic of the season alive.

Here are some ideas to add to your own winter bucket list:

Go stargazing on a clear night – pop outside with your partner, your kids or a few friends for a relaxing look at the sky. Grab a blanket and snuggle up on the ground to switch up your perspective.

Seek out some natural hot springs for a soothing soak – when the chill gets the better of you, hot springs are the perfect way to warm up.

Take a cooking class – learning a new recipe can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it turns out to be a new winter favourite!

Knit a warm chunky scarf – the perfect activity curled up on the couch with a woolen blanket.

Set up a blanket fort and “camp out” – when you’ve run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained, fill a fort with cushions and camp out like the old days.

Make homemade hot chocolate – although any hot choccy is delicious, there are none quite the same as warm milk with real melted chocolate.

Develop an indoor workout routine – there’s nothing wrong with pilates in your pyjamas!

Play your favourite card games with family – a fun alternative to just sitting in front of the telly.

Eat plenty of fresh seasonal produce – keep your immunity strong through winter by picking out the freshest in-season produce you can find. Stock up and make some delicious vege soups – you can also freeze these so you’ve always got some at hand when you don’t feel like cooking.

Head to the weekend market to brighten your space with fresh winter blooms and make your home more vibrant!

Take time out for yourself and unwind after a long day at work with a relaxing bubble bath.

Set out lots of blankets and host an indoor movie night for friends – fill your space with cushions and woolen blankets for a night at home in your pyjamas.

Make a reading list – and commit to reading each book from start to finish!

Create the perfect winter playlist – music to lift your mood for any chilly occasion.

Spend an afternoon looking through old photos – a fun way to look back on great memories from throughout the years.

Take a social media detox – no Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for a week!

Start a journal – record your favourite moments of the season, this will be good to look back on in the seasons to come

While it may indeed be a little more gloomy outside, your outlook doesn’t have to be. Keep your bucket list in sight, so that when you feel your motivation starting to lag, you can refer to your list for ways to stay inspired!

Motivated to start your own Winter Bucket List? Share your ideas below!

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