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How to wash your merino tutorial


With all of the beautiful knits and delicates available in the spring and summer ranges at EziBuy I thought it was important that I gave you an easy peasy tutorial on how to wash and care for them to make them last and to keep them looking their best.

Most fabrics are machine washable, but due to the make-up of the fabric, they still need a little extra care than your heavy duty wash. Check out the clothing label for washing instructions, but if you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes try hand washing your delicates for the best results! Here’s how you do it…

How to Wash Merino 1


You’ll need:
-All of your delicates (merinos, knits, silks, chiffons..) I store mine up for the week and do one big hand washing session.
-A tub or bucket with cold water.
-Some type of delicates detergent. You can find this in any supermarket for $5-$10 for a big bottle of it in a range of different brands. Dilute the liquid into your tub as per the instructions on the bottle.

How to wash merino 2


Before we begin, let me start off by saying, wash and dry your garments inside out. 

Less is more when it comes to hand washing your delicates. You’ll want to submerge them, give them a few swirls around the tub, squeeze them in and out a little and then you’re done. If you have a specific mark you need to work on, do it gently and avoid rubbing the fabric too harshly, this will cause pilling, which makes knitwear very sad.

How to wash merino 3

Get rid of the excess water by squeezing gently. Not wringing or smashing on a rock like the old days required. Just squeeze it as much as you can and let the water fall back into the tub for the next wash.

TOP TIP: If your washing machine lets you skip ahead to the next setting, set your machine onto “spin”, and spin your knitwear free of its water once you’ve squeezed most of it out. It will dry much faster this way!

How to wash merino 4


Lay your garment out on a dry towel in the shade to dry. Lay it out in a way that it will keep its shape when its dry (don’t have it hanging, or stretching etc).

TOP TIP: I put mine on top of a clothes horse. This way there is air circulating underneath so it will dry faster and its not taking up a big floor patch.

How to wash merino 5


And lastly, if you feel like you need to iron your delicates, put it on the lowest heat setting and iron it from the inside of the garment.

Fold it and store it away for it’s next wear! You’re all done!

Hand washing your delicates may take a little extra time than chucking it in the machine, but over time if will be worth it, trust me!

Pictured in this tutorial is the fushia Essentials Merino Cardigan.

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