Dressing Your Toddler This Winter

Dressing Your Toddler This Winter


When you think of the greatest childhood for your little person you might think of adventures, puddles, leaf piles and mud pies. That’s why when I think of dressing my toddler in winter time, I want our clothes to be really warm but also really practical.

Here are some winter essentials that I think you’ll need for your little adventurer this winter:

A good ol’ pair of gumboots must come first on the list! We wear ours practically everywhere; there’s always a puddle to jump in and they are just so easy for my toddler to get on and off by herself which is a huge plus for any footwear!

You’ll want to invest in a great padded jacket that will protect your little one from wind and rain. Jackets are great to travel around in, in the pram, getting in and out of the car, on the sports field watching older siblings – and then when you’re back in the warm they can easily be taken off and hung up to dry. We often keep ours in the car “just in case”. My friend Jess added on my Facebook page that you’ll want one big enough to go over a few layers for yucky days! Thanks Jess!

Jess Says


Between toilet training, “accidents” and puddle jumps, you’ll want to have a big supply of socks and tights on hand. Socks are best when they are long and made out of cotton or have some wool content. You want them to breathe, especially when they are inside a sweaty rubber gumboot! When I asked my readers what they thought, Lee added that she uses tights under summer dresses that her girls insist on wearing all year round! They are a great way to make outfits last through the seasons! Thanks Lee!

Lee says

Childhood Is.jpg

Here’s to a fun, warm and splashy winter for you and your little ones! Thanks for reading!

Love, Sophie x

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