Tips For Storing Winter Clothes

EziBuy Tips For Storing Your Winter Clothes 1

Wherever you are in the country, the sun should be shining more and more as we head through spring and into summer. If you haven’t already, use spring as a refreshing opportunity to declutter your wardrobe and draws and put aside some bulky winter items.

Storing clothes is really easy. Here’s some essential know-how:

EziBuy Winter Clothes Storage 1

  • Wash all of your clothes before you store them || Avoid fabric softeners as these can stay in your fabric and deteriorate over time.
  • Store your clothes in a big plastic tub || Unless you are vacuum-packing your clothes air tight, it’s important that they have some air to breathe. If you’re putting them in plastic bags with no air circulation they might get sweaty and start to mould.
  • Fold your clothes so that they keep their shape || Do all the buttons and zips up, and place the bulkier clothes at the bottom so they don’t squash the delicates.
  • Wrap up delicates || If you have any silks, satins, chiffons or anything delicate, wrap it in tissue paper first.
  • Store Shoes with shapers so they still look new next season || Stuff your shoes with tissue paper so that they hold their shape.
  • Store your box out of sunlight, but in a ventilated area || Your garage is a good spot!
  • Check on your clothes || Check everything is stored well half-way through summer. On a nice day, pull everything out and give it a good airing, and then pack them away again at the end of the day to wait for autumn and winter.




Enjoy all that extra space in your wardrobe! See you again next time,

Love, Sophie x

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