Summer Holiday Packing Tips


Packing. You either love it or loathe it but with summer inching closer and closer, next thing you know it you’ll be swapping cups of your favourite tea for drinks of the icy kind. You may also find yourself looking into beach destinations, whether this be a short getaway with the family or maybe even a hop across the Tasman. Did somebody say theme park?

Here are some handy tips to get you inspired for your next sunny holiday.


Start with lists.

I’m big on list making. Writing down everything you’ll need for a trip is a good way to see whether you are packing sensibly and if there are any seasonal gaps in your wardrobe. In the example below, I’m missing a lightweight hat like the wide brim Panama Hat, the Next Metal Aviator Style Sunglasses and some brand new swimwear from the latest spring collection by EziBuy. Depending on your organisational skills, it’s better to start this list as soon as you know the details of your trip, from the duration, if you’re going to any special events like a wedding or anything with a certain dress code. Remember, a well thought out packing list planned some time in advance is going to be so much better than chucking things into a suitcase at the very last minute. Yikes!


Another great list making tool is the Wunderlist app. It’s free to download on to any smartphone. I love it because you can tick things off as you go and refer back to it when it’s time to pack on your return, making sure you leave nothing behind.


Decide if you’re a folder or a roller.

Whether you roll or fold, your garments are likely to be crumpled when you arrive at your destination. The key difference is the amount you’ll be able to fit in. In my experience, I tend to fit more in when I use the rolling method. This is particularly great for packing soft blouses like this Silk Shirt from Emerge as the creases won’t have lines you would otherwise get from folding.


Wrap your shoes.

These plastic bags with zips are around A4 in size and come in super handy for travel. They fit most shoes with a low to medium heel. If you plan on packing ankle boots with a medium heel, you may need one whole bag for one shoe but maximise that boot space by placing some clean rolled up socks on the inside. That also helps keep the shape of boot.



Are you a folder or roller? Do you have any packing tips? Tell us in the comments below the one thing you don’t leave home without when going on holiday.


Get more shoe shopping advice and fashion inspiration from Nina at her blog, New Shoes in Town.

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