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Excuse my while I collect myself, my big-little girl has just had her first week at Kindy, her first experience with it outside of home care!

I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time now, and her showing so much readiness, she has been looking forward to it too.

Kindy (or preschool) is really a whole new life from the one she has at home. When I picked her up today, she had her feet submerged in a sandpit hole of mud, covered in paint and was having the time of her life. As a result, I thought I would write this guide to starting Kindy and what to prepare for in case you’re in the same sand pit as well!

Starting Kindy 2

Everything will need to be labelled: Hats, gumboots, clothes, drink bottles, lunch boxes, everything! If you send it to Kindy make sure it has a name on it.

There are some professional label companies out there that do great labels that are sure to stay put for years to come, but if you need to go the cheap route, there’s never anything wrong with a good permanent marker.

Top Tip: Use last names for clothes. In our case, my 3 year old daughter has a younger 1 year old sister, so we are already passing clothes on to the youngest to wear. It will save re-labelling them, and there will be no confusion where there are two “Jimmys” or two “Elizabeths” in the class.

Most Day Cares are environmentally friendly and encourage the use of reusable lunch box containers to cut down on their waste. Choose a lunch box that has lots of compartments, or buy up big on reusable containers for snacks.  This is actually great for lots of reasons, but it also means your child is more likely to get fresh healthy snacks in their lunches rather than prepacked, plastic wrapped goods. Win-win!

Top Tip: Make sure your toddler can open all the containers!

When we first enrolled, I was warned by the teachers to send my daughter in clothes I don’t mind being ruined. Paint, mud, slime, dirt and glitter have all come home on this week’s clothes and its already quickly apparent that the clothes I send with her will need to be washed and washed and washed because they are being worn so hard, every single day.

Kindy Clothes EziBuy

1| Lilac Zebra Tshirt  2| Next Apple TShirt 3| Next Tshirt 3 Pack 4| Next Soft Jersey Trousers 5| Next Jogger Pants 2 Pack

Top Tip: We’ve created a capsule wardrobe of some old clothes, and some new ones, that we will use as a “Kindy uniform”. It means her other clothes wont get so worn out from overuse, and there’s no tough decisions in the morning about what we’re wearing.

Go for seasonally appropriate, but also with the option of adding warmth or cooling off. I love this selection I’ve pictured from Next for the Spring months. For winter, I suggest trackies, a long sleeve top and a warm hoodie or sweat shirt. And gumboots! Always gumboots. Kindys also like you to have a spare set of clothes in their bags, and a hat for the winter months. Wrap your spare clothes in a bag (so the bag can be used for the dirty clothes) and make sure they will be suitable for any weather.

I hope your little one has so much fun at their new day care! And here’s to not too much washing for you!

Love, Sophie

Seasoned Kindy Goers: Do you have any other tips for me as we head into this new season of life? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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