Has Your Lounge Been Taken Over? Sport on the TV? 8 Things To Do Whilst It’s On

Hands up who else is guilty of double-screening? That’s the act (or some might call it an art) of simultaneously watching the TV while also scrolling through your phone.

It’s something I’ve mastered thanks to being faced with a TV that constantly has sport playing on it! But, let’s be honest, it’s not really the best use of my time. Instead of over stimulating the mind with the sights and sounds of two screens, there are plenty of more productive things that I could turn my attention to.

Sport on the TV? Plan out your evening with our suggestions!
Whilst some of you enjoy rugby it might get a little bit too much.

With winter sporting action about to take over the telly, I’ve put together a list of suggestions for how you can make use of this time while your family, partner or housemates take over the living room:

Get out of the house
Even if watching sport isn’t your thing, you can still use game time to get out of the house for some exercise of your own. Head out for a walk, schedule a trip to the gym, or book yourself in for a yoga class. The good thing is, if everyone else is occupied, you can take this time for yourself, guilt-free!

Prepare some food for the week
Take the opportunity to get into the kitchen and get some food prepared for the week ahead. You might put together some lunches to take along with you to work, or some healthy snack options. Being prepared helps to ensure you stay on track with healthy eating habits, and reduces the likelihood that you head out during the day to buy food.

Get baking
While you’re at it, why not pull out some of that kitchenware that has been relegated to the back of the cupboard and get back into your baking. Pull up some recipes online and experiment with different and new creations. Here’s some of our favourites: here and here.

Get pampered
If you’re feeling indulgent, book yourself in for some pampering and head out of the house for a manicure, a facial, a haircut or a massage. Pampering doesn’t have to be extravagant though, you can give yourself a little self-love at home. Run a bath, light a few candles and pour yourself a glass of wine. Pop a mask on your face, lock the door so you’re not disturbed, put some relaxing music on, sink into the suds, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

TV on? Hide away in your bedroom with a good book, the laptop to binge watch a tv show or a bit of online shopping. Shop: lamp shade, wardrobe, bedpack, throw and rug.
TV on? Hide away in your bedroom with a good book, the laptop to binge watch a tv show or a bit of online shopping. Shop: lamp shade, wardrobe, bedpack, throw and rug.

Settle in for an early night
If it looks like the TV is going to be on lockdown for the rest of the evening, then find yourself a cosy spot to settle in for the night. Grab a book or a magazine, snuggle down under your sheets, or in a comfy chair under a lush throw.

Get the girls around
Leave the lads to watch the footy and invite the girls around for a wine and goss session. Put together a platter with some cheeses, dips, crackers and snacks and enjoy some uninterrupted time to catch up and chat. Even if you can’t get anyone around to your house, jump on the phone instead and have a natter with a friend that you haven’t been in touch with in a while.

Let your fingers do the spending
While your partner is distracted by sport, it’s the ultimate time to get busy with some online shopping – he’ll be none the wiser! Pour yourself a wine or a cup of tea and settle into a comfy spot with your laptop or tablet and get browsing.

Catch up on your own TV time
The good thing about TV these days is that so much of it is available online, so if the TV is in use, you can still watch your own shows on your laptop elsewhere in the house. Whether you watch movies, on-demand TV or have a subscription to an online streaming service such as Netflix, use game time as an opportunity to do a marathon of your favourite series, or to finally watch that movie you’ve been dying to see.

It can feel a little frustrating when your partner or family’s attention is focused on the box for a few hours, but look at it instead as an opportunity to take some time for yourself.

When you have a few of your own interests to pass the time, you’ll find that, instead of resenting the time that sport takes over the TV, it’ll actually be time that you look forward to!

Do you have any suggestions on what to do whilst the sport is on the tele?