Clothing and homewear for children with sensitive skin

Many children have sensitive skin, and develop red itchy patches seemingly at random. An often overlooked factor when trying to alleviate a child’s itching is the fabric which makes up their clothes and bedding. While sensitivities to animal fur or soaps and bubble baths are sometimes the cause of the problem, cheap synthetic or coarse fabrics will often make the condition much worse, so it’s best to avoid them.

Kidswear for sensitive skin

To help keep your child comfortable, choose quality fibres such as cotton which are soft and allow the skin to breathe. This is especially important for items such as t shirts and underwear which will be worn close to the skin.

Bedding for sensitive skin

It is also worthwhile to pick out sheets and duvet covers which are made of as high a cotton content as possible – after all, your child will have the bedding rubbing against their skin for hours on end.

Attention to smaller details is also important. Look out for anything on your child’s clothing which might feel coarse or sharp against the skin. Labels are the main culprit in this area and it’s a good idea to cut them off as soon as you get the clothing home. Jagged appliqué detailing may also irritate a child’s skin.

If your child’s sensitive skin condition is persistent, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice.

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