Road Trip Essentials

Road tripping this Summer? Here are a few essentials to keep you cool and comfortable...

Heading away for the holidays? Packing for a road trip is easier said than done—sure, it doesn’t require as much planning as packing for a flight, but it pays to think ahead. What should you wear? What gear should you have on hand to keep you cool and comfortable? And if you’re bringing kids or pets along, what’s needed to get them organised and safe? Read on for some road trip essentials to consider adding to your car.



No sunnies on a summer road trip, and you won’t have much fun. These oversized Locella Franca Sunglasses, are 100% UV resistant and will keep you comfortable and stylish.


Cote Cooler Bag

After a few hours on the road, eating fast food and convenience store fare gets a little tiring. This insulated cooler bag keeps food and drinks cold. Pack it with fresh fruit and vegetables, deli meats for sandwiches, and anything else that will help a road trip feel less like a fast food marathon.


Bambury Bremer Hammam Towel

Because you never know when you might want a swim, a lightweight, fast drying towel really comes in handy.


Isobar Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Because New Zealand, really does have four seasons in one day, a raincoat makes for a wise choice when setting off on a long haul trip. You just never know. This one is light, and easy to pack up.


Personalised Drink Bottle

If you are taking kids they will inevitability get thirsty, and pretty soon into the trip at that – Bottled water is a waste of money and it’s plastic so keep a reusable on hand for quenching your thirst while on the road. These Personalised bottles are made of stainless steel, which is to say they keep water ice cold for hours.


Outdoor Seatpad

Just as handy for sitting on an uncomfortable outdoor chair, or if you unexpectedly pull over for a road side picnic, to long car rides and hot leather seats!  This outdoor seatpad will make sitting for extended periods of time much comfier.


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