Get your good friends together and throw a grown up pyjama party! Shop Sleepwear.
Get your good friends together and throw a grown up pyjama party! Shop Sleepwear.

How To Throw the Best Grown Up Pyjama Party

Get your good friends together and throw a grown up pyjama party! Shop Sleepwear.
Get your good friends together and throw a grown up pyjama party! Get ready for the evening and shop our Sleepwear.

Winter is coming… And with that sad fact there really is no better time to pull on those comfy and cozy pyjama’s , settle in on the couch and bunker down with some girlfriends, good food and good movies (and maybe some good wine too).

So, what changes now that we are no longer 12 and mum and dad aren’t coming in constantly, telling us to be quiet and go to bed? The answer: not a lot. Chances are you’re still going to eat naughty food, try each other’s clothes on, paint your nails and stay up way past your bedtime talking about men boys men. So we thought we’d try out our awesome new pyjama’s and do just that.

Here’s a rundown on how to throw a grown up pyjama party for you and your good friends.

The Guests
Pick three or four of your good friends and keep it intimate. That way you actually get to hang out with each and every one of them without feeling like you’re spending the whole night running around hosting, this is a low key night in, let’s keep it that way. Plus, we’re too big these days to be fitting 12 rowdy girls on a living room floor.

The Food
Mmmmm we love food. The best part about having parties as an adult? Mum’s not around to put a limit on the sweets we can consume. Still, we’re responsible adults now, right? Here are some of the treats we enjoyed.

Lots of deliciously smelly cheeses, because who doesn’t love smelly cheese and wine?! Add some olives, home made dip, cured meats and dried fruit and you have an antipasto platter fit for the best of besties. Make a fresh salad for your girls to help themselves to; we loved this one, again from Jamie, we love Jamie! Add a little popcorn and a lot chocolate for dessert and you’ll have some satisfied sleepers.

Movies – Our Picks
Try and pick a mix of movies; something funny obviously, one with a little eye candy and then a dramatic film that will give you and your girls something to discuss afterwards.

The Dressmaker
Fashion and a Hemsworth brother? Yes please! We all loved this film, and for so many reasons. Kate Winslet is always incredible, the fashion is on another level and the story itself was both beautiful and heart breaking. If you haven’t seen this film, do it. Have tissues ready.

We all need a good laugh and no one is funnier right now than Amy Schumer. This is probably one of the best films to watch with your girlfriends, there are heaps of star cameos, laugh out loud moments and a killer dance scene at the end. Plus LeBron James rocks his role; you might even get your partner to watch it with you next time.

The Good Lie
A film about the civil war in Sudan and a group of young refugees who are resettled in America, this film stars Reese Witherspoon and whilst on the heavier side is incredible. Moments of hardship and heartache are followed by those of hope and happiness, it’s a film that will give you plenty to think and talk about afterwards and spoiler* it has a happy ending.

Do you and your friends still have sleepovers? Have you seen any of these films and what did you think? Maybe you can settle our ‘which Hemsworth brother is hotter’ debate with your girlfriends, we’re still divided!

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