Personalise gifts to add an extra special touch

One sure-fire way to make someone feel special when you give them a gift is to personalise it. These days the opportunities are endless and they are especially appreciated by children as the thrill of receiving something with their name on is exciting.

  • Books: All kids love a good bedtime story, but they’ll love it even more if it’s a story about themselves (or a princess with the same name).
  • Wall art: A great gift for all ages. A canvas with a favourite photo is one example, or whipping up something on the computer with the family names to be printed. When a baby is born, the parents would appreciate a canvas with the details of their baby’s birth (name, place, date, weight etc).
  • Quilts: These are extra special if you can make it yourself, but if not, there are many places that are happy to sew on a person’s name, and will likely be a lifetime keepsake.
  • Bags: Although probably not suitable for anyone older than 12, a personalised bag is the perfect gift for a child about to start school. They’ll feel right at home in the classroom with their favourite character and name alongside them the whole way.
  • Plates and cutlery: This is ideal for a child who has begun to feed themselves, and is highly likely to encourage them to eat everything on their plate. It can boost their enthusiasm about meal times as it means they’ll get to eat off their “special” plate.
EziBuy have an immense selection of personalised items for you to choose online. They’ll then get custom-made and sent straight to your door. Easy!

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