Shop: Cotton Nightie and PJ Set
Shop: Cotton Nightie and PJ Set

Are you a Big Fan of Pajamas? We Have Good News For You

Shop: Cotton Nightie and PJ Set
Shop: Cotton Nightie and PJ Set (top and pant)

I’m not going to lie – I’m a big fan of pajamas. How good is the feeling of getting home at the end of the day and getting into some cosy sleepwear?

Or snuggling down in bed in a warm set of PJs? Should I admit to the occasional work-in-my-pajamas day at home? And don’t even get me started on winter weekends in a onesie on the sofa… (admit it, you love it too). There’s just something gloriously indulgent about a soft and warm set of new pajamas – who’s with me?

Nothing says ‘relaxation time’ like pajama time. No restrictive waist bands, loose fitting tops, and – let me hear your collective cheers – bra-free! Add in a make-up free face, a loose bun, some soft slippers and a cup of herbal tea, and… ahhh, HELLO, bliss!

Mia Lucce Night Shirt - perfect summer/autumn pajamas
The Mia Lucce Night Shirt

Is there such a thing as bedroom fashion?

It can be easy to settle for an oversized t-shirt and a pair of old trackies when it comes to sleepwear, but listen up, Bridget Jones, it’s important not to underestimate the power of pretty pajamas.

For those times when you’re sick, tired or hunkered down at home over winter, a cute set of PJs can actually be the perfect pick-me-up. And while comfort will always reign supreme, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on cuteness. Silk, cotton, fleecy or flannel – whatever your preference, there are so many super cute styles to choose from. There are camis and briefs if you prefer to keep cool (and sexy), adorable tee-and-short sleep sets, or super-lush winter PJ sets for when the chill sets in.

And while you’re sure to have your faves, it’s a good idea to have a couple of PJ options to choose from. Not only to mix and match your tops and bottoms, but also to have an option for those between-laundry days. PJs really should be changed and washed at least once a week to keep things fresh and hygienic.

You may not feel like you’ve put your PJs through their paces, but remember, you lose a lot of skin cells, even while you’re sleeping, so it’s important to keep ‘em fresh and clean.

Don’t forget, no after-hours outfit is complete without a luxurious robe to complement it (after all, you need something to put on when the pizza delivery man rings the doorbell).

Mia Lucce Robe
The Mia Lucce Robe

From the bedroom to the… bar?

While I earlier professed my feelings for PJs, I haven’t yet taken my love for them beyond my front gate. That’s not to say it’s not do-able. Your favourite flannels may not be socially acceptable attire for your 10am meeting, but PJ-inspired fashion has persisted in a number of other ways. I’m not talking fleecy boots with your beau’s oversized tee. Sleepwear is, in fact, serious fashion.

Jessica Alba in PJ's

It started with silky pants, then progressed to pretty camis, lacy bralettes and borderline slip dresses, and now we’re seeing piped pajama shirts everywhere from the runway to the boardroom. If you dare to go a fashion-style full-set, take some inspiration from the likes of Selena Gomez or Jessica Alba – opting for a bold lip and some svelte heels (mostly to ensure no one is left wondering whether you in fact have just rolled out of bed).

Selena Gomez in Paris wearing PJ’s and heels. Photo: Wenn

So, if you ask me, we really need to give the humble pajama set its dues – comfy, cute and versatile, and with the power to uplift your mood. There through the good times – like Netflix marathons, late-night cheesecake sessions with your bestie, and Saturday morning coffees in bed. But also through the bad, to comfort you at the end of a long day of work, those on-the-couch sick days or dreary rainy weekends. (By the way, they’re also a perfect go-to gift when you’re stuck for ideas!).

There’s simply no easier way to achieve a sense of bliss and relaxation than by cosying up in your PJs!

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