Daily Organiser Wallet
Daily Organiser Wallet

The Floral and Fabulous Organiser Wallet

Being organized is a tough job. It takes a lot of effort to keep yourself on track.

You may feel like everyone or everything around you is working against you but by being on top of everything you can feel like you can do anything. That’s where our organiser wallet comes in…

We think that by carrying around all the things you need, whether it’s for school, at work or when you’re travelling you’ll increase productivity, have a record of what’s going on, will (hopefully) decrease stress and you’ll be less forgetful too.


Floral and Fabulous: the daily organiser
Floral and Fabulous: the daily organiser

What could you put in your daily organizer?

– A notepad
– A pen
– Business Cards
– Eftpos cards/drivers license/
– Passport
– Diary planner
– Cellphone

 Daily Organiser Wallet

Did you know you can also match it with the handbag to complete your look? The Floral Handbag is perfect for popping your organiser wallet into when you leave the door and can be worn as a cross body handbag or you can use the hand holder to carry around.

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