New Spring Style for Young Mums

EziBuy Spring Range 6

Lately we have found ourselves stripping off the layers and heading to the park with the girls to get some fresh air and to stretch our legs.

It’s important to me that I am comfortable enough in my clothes to race after the girls and join in the fun on the swings and slides at the park, but that I also retain a sense of style and identity in myself. I’m not a teenager any more, and my body definitely knows that after bearing and birthing two children, but I’m not an old lady either.

Ezibuy fits the style for me to transition out of all the clothes those “young kids are wearing these days”, and into a sense of style and lasting fashion.

I love the brights of the new spring range, and have a few favourite items that I wear most days that I wanted to share with you!

EziBuy Spring Range 5

Outfit Details:
Capture Collarless Jacket
Capture Shell Top
Emerge Mid-Wash Skinny Jeans
Next Heat Point Slipper Shoes

Admittedly, the above outfit is a little too dressed up for the park for my taste, but I love that this linen jacket can be worn dressed up or down. It comes in a few different colour ways, but I chose the black stripe for versatility with the rest of my wardrobe. I found the sizing to be on the generous side, so go down one or two sizes if ordering online.

The Capture Shell Top is my favourite, I loved the look and fit so much I bought it in two colourways! If you find something works for you stock up on it so you can keep wearing it! In particular, I love the length of this top, it covers my tummy and my hips really well (even when I’m constantly bending over to pick up dropped toys). It is also polyester on the front, so has a very slight sheerness to it, which makes it feel a little dressy, and the back is viscose, which is super soft and easy to wash.

The Emerge Skinny Jeans are the first to fit me in a very long time. Finally I have found some jeans that fit my legs but also my hips! I can actually close these ones up with the button on the front! I can hear mothers everywhere cheering each time I do this button up in the morning! No more expanding hair ties for me 😉

And finally, these super pretty and sparkly Next shoes. I wore them to the park and everywhere since, but I think I’m going to save these for something a little more special! Maybe a precious date night?

EziBuy Spring Range 3

And finally, my favourite mumming-park outfit. The classic jeans and parka combo!

Outfit Details:
Capture Parka Jacket
Capture Shell Top
Emerge Skinny Jeans (MidWash) (cuffs rolled up)

I’ve never owned a parka before but it is now my absolute favourite and most used item in my wardrobe! It’s so easy to put over top of any outfit, and if the weather is in my favour, can easily be taken off. It’s perfect for outside days when theres a little chill to the air. I’m not silly, it’s not summer, and this does the transition job perfectly! It also does well as a feature piece of clothing with its super sweet floral print in the hood and cuffs of the rolled up sleeves (this is optional, they can be rolled down!).

And as I said previously, here’s the Navy colour-way, my second Capture Shell Top. I really do love it that much to get two of them!

EziBuy Spring Range 2

I do love the spring parka, and I think it even fits me better than the model! Hehe.

EziBuy Spring Range 1

EziBuy Spring Range 4

It’s so nice to be outside again, filling our lungs with sunshine and pollen! I love Spring, it’s my favourite. Just like new growth on the trees, I feel a little growth inside me too, an awakening of sorts, to get my life back on track and feeling good!

What Spring trends are you loving this year? There are some great articles on this EziBuy blog about florals and colour-know-how. Make sure you check them out and leave some comments for the bloggers!

Lots of love, Sophie x

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