Get mid winter Christmas party ready!

Get in the Spirit! Plan your Mid Winter Christmas Party Now!

Get mid winter Christmas party ready!

As the days get shorter, it’s time to start thinking about foods that make keep us warm and comfortable during the colder season. How about a Mid winter Christmas party?

Soup, casseroles and slow cooked roasts all begin to spring to mind, along with heartwarming meals that keep us full for longer. Mid winter Christmas might not be an official celebration but it’s the perfect excuse for a get together with friends and family, to let your culinary creative juices flow and to indulge in some great wine to enjoy with those you love.

Mid Winter Christmas is an exciting way to enjoy some of the things that just aren’t quite the same in the middle of a hot, humid summer. Make the most of the colder weather by whipping up some traditional Christmas treats. Mulled Apple Juice is always a crowd favourite and is a great non alcoholic alternative to mulled wine:

[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Boil together 300ml of water, ½ cup sugar and 1 cinnamon stick until all the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add 2 sliced lemons, and simmer for about 10 minutes.
  3. Pour in 2 litres of apple juice and heat through.


As well as enjoying wintery themed treats, we’ve got a little more time on our hands to prepare and get creative as opposed to all the hustle and bustle in the lead up to Christmas in summer. Along with trying out different food and drink, it can also be fun to set the scene with wintery Christmas lighting and decorations. Go hunting for pine-cones for a beautiful table centerpiece or why not bring your winter garden inside.

As it gets dark so early during winter, why not use that time to get crafty by the fire. Set up some cushions, write out your guest list, then hand make your invites. It will also be helpful to give thought to your menu, your dining ware and how you’ll lay out your table.

Once you’ve established your guest list and how many people you’ll be catering for, you’ll need to find out if anyone has any dietary needs. There’s nothing worse than having a guest turn up excited for a meal to then discover that they can’t eat anything on the menu. Consider preparing meals that can be done in advance and then frozen. The more you do beforehand, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the day and the company around you. Ensure you’re also clever enough to make more as opposed to not enough, leftovers are fabulous, especially in winter when there are nights you don’t feel like cooking.

Will your mid winter Christmas have a theme? Perhaps you’d like to go traditional with Christmas colours, red and green, or maybe you’re thinking glam with a touch of silver and gold. If you don’t feel you have the right dining ware for the occasion, you can always seek out fabulous options that will work well for the day but can also be used again. Dressing your home with candles is a must – candles and Christmas are synonymous. Silver spray or tinsel can turn basic candles into festive centrepieces or a feature of a room. Crackers and serviettes are also extras to consider when trying to create your desired festive look.

Keep it simple above all. One type of meat or fish with a few flavoursome, interesting side dishes will make a simpler, more enjoyable – and less stressful – meal. Enjoy seasonal fruit and vegetables – use them to bulk out desserts, salads and nibbles platters. Food is the best bit of Christmas, and so it shall be for midwinter too. Pop those bubbles open, throw that turkey in the oven, put the sprouts on and revel in the fact that your trifle is ready and the wine is mulling.

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Are you planning a midwinter event for your friends or family? Share your preparation tips below.

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