Get to Know the Team – Krystal!

Ever wondered who the friendly faces are behind those beautiful emails that hit your inbox, giving you the insider info to all the latest EziBuy promotions and trends? Here we talk to EziBuy legend Krystal about her super-important job, her favourite EziBuy pieces and what she gets up to day to day.

Hi Krystal! What do you do here at EziBuy?

I’m a marketing specialist which is perfect for me as I love to do a bit of everything. On any given day I could be designing marketing creative, reporting, writing copy, producing email campaigns, creating customer segments, looking at trends in the fashion industry or looking into ways to improve current processes.

How long have you been working at EziBuy and what has been your journey with the company?

I have been lucky enough to work in both the E-commerce and marketing teams. I started out in the E-commerce team in 2012 as a contractor and my role involved creating website content and online promotions, setting up promotional landing pages and managing EziBuy’s social media (which was just the blog and Facebook back then – how times have changed!). Over the years I have also had roles designing and creating promotional email content (as Marketing Campaign Specialist) and more recently managed the marketing promotions process (as Marketing Promotions Manager).

What’s the best part about your job?

It has to be the team. There are some incredibly talented and hard working people at EziBuy, many of whom wear many hats. In particular the marketing team and E-commerce teams work closely together and we definitely enjoy some good banter throughout the day – which helps as the world of retail is fast paced and high pressure, especially in the lead up to the launch of marketing campaigns or new catalogues.

What are your favourite pieces from our recent collections?

There are so many pieces I want from the latest catalogue but I really love the Emerge midi-printed skirt (228875) paired with the linen tee (234185) and a white sneaker (223805) – it’s light and breezy and will be perfect for summer BBQs!

Krystal hiking in Santorini – lucky for some!

How you would describe your personal style?

Like a typical kiwi, I have a lot of black in my wardrobe! But I try to keep it interesting by mixing different textures like wool, leather and linen, and also mixing different silhouettes – like a crop leather pant with a loose fitting knit, or a cropped jumper with boyfriend jeans.

What are your fave hobbies?

I run an online beauty store selling cruelty free beauty brands called Hello Beautiful ( so I love to try any new cruelty free brands that I can get my hands on! I also love food and travel so sampling the local cuisine while travelling is my idea of heaven!

Who is your style icon?

Working in fashion, I really don’t need to look far for inspiration as we have quite a few fashionistas in the office. Many are fashion school graduates so it’s not unusual for someone to come to work wearing something they made or altered themselves! Our E-commerce Merchandise Coordinator Bruna always looks incredible, she has an amazing mix of vintage designer pieces which she pairs with high street fashion – if I could borrow any wardrobe it would be hers.

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