Get To Know The EziBuy Team: Emma!

E-commerce Promotion Coordinator, Emma

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at EziBuy to make sure your online shopping escapades are all the more enjoyable? We chat with Emma, an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator who’s an indispensable part of our team and has a fantastic personal style, about what she gets up to each day, the best parts about working for EziBuy, and a whole lot more fun facts about, well, her!

Hi Emma! What do you do here at EziBuy?

Hello! I’m officially an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator. But what does this really mean? Who is an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator? What is an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator? Why is an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator?

Well, I manage the promotions on the website and pages created for promotional content. It involves a lot of testing and double checking. The aim is to give the customer the best experience I can.

How long have you been working at EziBuy and what has been your journey with the company?

I have been working with EziBuy for over 5 years now. I started off in retail part-time while finishing uni. I then became full time and when a job opened up in E-commerce I applied becoming an E-commerce Production Assistant. A couple of years later I became an E-commerce Promotion Coordinator. Woo!

I think it has been helpful having started off in retail, I got to know the products and brands and get a feel for the company. Joining the E-commerce team has shown me another side to the company and I have learned a lot.

Describe your “average” day, if there is one!

I have a pretty good routine for my day. A lot of what I do is the same, checking promotions, creating pages, making promotions. It’s good, adds structure to what I do. Of course, there are always other unexpected tasks that come up offering a challenge for the day.

What’s the best part about your job?

I like seeing all the new product. The office is filled with all the new samples, it’s exciting to see what the buyers are doing.

I also get to sit near the copywriter and see all the new products coming through. She’ll often find me going through her rack checking out all the new styles. That’s the one thing I miss about retail, getting to see and try on all the new clothes.

What are your favourite pieces from our recent collections?

Ooh that’s a difficult choice, there’s a lot to choose from.

I do have my eye on the Capture PU Biker Jacket. I keep looking at my wardrobe and going, you know what – you could use a new jacket.

There is also a dress that I really like, the Grace Hill Printed Shirt Dress.  Maxi dresses are always fun. You can feel fancy with heels, or a bit witchy with boots. It could go so many ways.

Emma hard at work!

How you would describe your personal style?

I like to think it’s a bit eclectic, but in reality, I follow the same silhouette. Fit and flare. That’s my jam. I really like patterns, and mix them a fair bit. Does it always look nice – maybe not, but it’s just for one day. Who cares? And boots. I’m pretty much always wearing boots – they’re comfy and I can walk down a hill confidently. Kudos to people who have nailed the heels thing – I envy you.

What are your fave hobbies?

Well, I’m super cool and I craft. I can knit and have recently taught myself to crochet so in the past year I’ve gone on a jumper bend. I have made probably too many jumpers, more than necessary. I’ve now broken out into cardis. Made a mighty fine bobble sleeve jumper, it’s pretty impressive.

Who is your style icon?

I don’t have one – at least not a single person.

I like to try out new makeup or hair ideas I see on tv shows or in magazines, it’s fun to try and figure out how they created that look. Most of the time it’s a bit of a fail, but I end up with something else which is kind of cool. I mean nailing the Khaleesi hair – great for Halloween but season 8 braids do not make an everyday look. Plus do I even have that much hair?

For fashion, again tv, magazines. Or people around me. There’s many a stylish person around, and I’ll be like I want to look that cool. It can often inspire me to wear some of my already existing pieces in a new way.

Emma hard at work!

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