Easter Dressing for Kids
Easter Dressing for Kids

Easter Games for Kids

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Easter is a fabulous family holiday and a time of the year that the kids will look forward to. However it might also be a time that has you feeling anxious. You’ve likely been wondering about how you’re going to keep them entertained with the extra days away from school and a long weekend to fill with some stimulating fun activities like easter games – especially if the weather is iffy.

Easter games are a perfect way to heighten the celebration and keep kids entertained. They’re also a good distraction from the sweets and chocolate that will be on every child’s mind at this time of year. An Easter egg hunt is of course a traditional and classic game at Easter time, however there are a number of ways to modernise and add a twist to this ritual. Experiment for yourself and you might end up kicking off a new family tradition!

Ideas for Easter Games:

For the young ones
If it’s young children you’re trying to entertain, give each child a small basket to collect eggs. Lay out a little trail of miniature eggs from a starting point, placing the eggs at a close enough distance so that they can easily find the next one. At the end of the trail, put a larger egg or a small gift for reward. Just remember, the eggs don’t have to be chocolate either, use your imagination here, as you will best know what your children will appreciate.

For a group
If you have a large group of children to entertain, you might find it easier to hide a number of eggs in one spot and send the kids out to find them. Obviously, there needs to be rules around how many eggs each child receives so that no one ends up outdoing their quota, or colour-code them so they can only take certain ones. This is a good one if the extending family is heading over; it’s easy to set up and a great bonding exercise for cousins, brothers and sisters.

Add a twist
To mix things up even further, you could opt for an Easter egg hop-a-long. You’ll need to make sure children are dressed appropriately for this one. Turn the age-old Easter hunt into a three-legged race. Tie pairs of children loosely together around the ankles and send them off to find their eggs as a couple. Of course this is why suitable kidswear is important. No dresses or skirts for this one. You’ll want to make sure they have clothing that fits well. Pants and a t-shirt or shorts and a t-shirt will work best here.

The secret of a successful Easter Egg Hunt is to tailor it to the ages of the children involved. Children will enjoy the excitement of trying to find a particular set of objects rather than just hunting for eggs, so don’t feel limited by having to only offer something sweet.

When your Easter egg hunt is over, it pays to have a few other activities up your sleeve. A popular game is an Easter egg race. Give each child a tablespoon and a bucket full of plastic or hard-boiled eggs. Place large Easter baskets a short distance from each child. Have the children place an egg on the spoon, and then holding the end of the spoon in their mouths, walk until they reach the basket to place the egg. No hands allowed and anyone who drops their egg will need to start over. This one will be sure to produce lots of giggles. Not a bad one for the adults to get involved in too.

There are lots of fabulous ways to involve kids of all ages in Easter games and activities. A fun way to make the family holidays memorable. If you haven’t previously incorporated games into part of your Easter holiday break, your kids will appreciate your creativity and effort to keep them from boredom!

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