Perfect to help you get a good night's sleep and to help your dreams - Kennedy Bedcover
Perfect to help you get a good night's sleep and to help your dreams - Kennedy Bedcover

What Do Those Dreams Mean?

Perfect to help you get a good night's sleep and to help your dreams - Kennedy Bedcover
Perfect to help you get a good night’s sleep and to help your dreams – Kennedy Bedcover

Do you find that at the change of seasons you tend to have more frequent and vibrant dreams? You’re not alone.

They could be the kind of dreams that have you pondering where these weird and wonderful visions came from, or the ones that have you waking up in a tangle of bed linen, or the hyper-real ones that leave you questioning ever-elusive meanings. Sometimes your dreams can be the difference between a good night sleep, and an unrestful night.

So, are dreams a sign of anything? Or just mumbled thoughts?

It can be said that our minds are much like icebergs, with our conscious mind, being our presence and awareness, the tip of the iceberg above the water. Below is our subconscious minds, where most of the operation still remains out of sight and understanding.

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind operates without your awareness and over which you don’t have active control.

This is the part of your mind that creates your dreams.

When you sleep your conscious mind sleeps too. But your subconscious mind remains awake, processing thoughts and feelings we experienced throughout the day with the subconscious thoughts which make us all unique. The fears, ambitions and moments of great significance; the very thoughts and feelings that make us, us – which also live in our subconscious mind.

This is what makes dreams so intriguing! In a world where we are so in control of almost every aspect of our lives it’s somewhat fascinating to find that no matter how we control our conscious thoughts, our subconscious thoughts have a life and direction of their own.

When we sleep, we have a whole other thought process to when we’re awake – one which we can’t control or rationalise with. Free from reality and paying power bills, this mind knows no boundaries, which explains why our dreams can be so odd and nonsensical.

When you take a moment to appreciate how wonderful that is – that we have a whole other part of our mind free to think and feel as it likes, attempting to rationalise and reason with dreams becomes beside the point. However, it’s natural to wonder what these dreams, with their often strange or concerning storylines, mean.

Here are 7 common dreams subjects and how you could decipher them:

1. Babies – Don’t freak out, it doesn’t mean the stork has visited. A dream featuring babies can signify a new start or perhaps your own vulnerability or desire to feel love.
2. Exams – have you ever found yourself in an exam that you haven’t prepared yourself for? Exams might represent self-evaluation, sometimes with the subject of the exam being the area under scrutiny in your life.
3. Death – a death-themed dream can leave us feeling uneasy, however don’t think that you suddenly have the power of premonition! Death of a loved one represents change and new beginnings, so should be viewed as a positive.
4. Falling – it’s freaky feeling like you’re falling and you can’t do anything about it. This may relate to our fears about letting go or losing control of a particular situation.
5. Being chased – it might feel more like a nightmare, but don’t let this one rattle you. This symbol should encourage you to face up to a problem you’ve perhaps been avoiding.
6. Being naked – ever walked into the office naked? Thank goodness it’s just a dream (well, a nightmare)! Not surprisingly, this one suggests you’re feeling vulnerable about an area of your life.
7. Losing your teeth – are you currently lacking confidence in an area of your life? This dream symbol suggests just that.

Instead of trying to find the meaning in dreams, why not simply try enjoying the experience? Wake up between fresh linen sheets, snuggled under the comforting weight of warm bed linen, experience the feeling the dream has left you with and take a moment to yourself before starting the day of the conscious.

As we edge into the cooler months it’s a great time to get your hands on some heavier dream worthy bed linen and sheets to enjoy getting under the covers to spend time reflecting and relaxing.

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