DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent 4

Christmas is upon us and if you have little people in your life you might be tempted to do Advent before Christmas!

The word advent means “a time of waiting and expectancy”, and actually begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (fun fact for you!). However, who said waiting for Christmas had to be boring!? Bring some excitement and expectancy into your home as you count down the days!

Advent calendars can be as simple or jam-packed as you like. You could simply include a little chocolate in each, or a wee treat, the kids could get to put a decoration on the tree each day or go with a fun activity! In this blog post I’ll show you how I made my own advent calendar, and I’ll give you an activities ideas list for your own at the end to get you started!

DIY Advent 1

+ Large Wooden Frame (try op-shopping this!)
+ Twine
+ Cards, Envelopes or paper to use as your days
+ Any decorations you want to include
+ Pegs


DIY Advent 2

Prepare your frame to be used.

I used an old op-shop frame, so decided to give mine a lick of gold acrylic paint to bring it back to life. It shines golden and looks great!

This might work out to be the most expensive part of the project, so if you can op-shop or reuse an old frame you will be saving your self a lot of money!

DIY Advent 3

Prepare your cards.

I used some little money envelopes which you can buy from any stationary store. I love the kraft paper look of them, so I kept it simple with a row of washi tape and a stenciled number.

To decorate you could use Christmas stickers, wrapping paper, scrap booking numbers or Christmas bows. Go crazy! Wherever this is in your home it will act as a feature, so go overboard if you want to! Check out EziBuy for some beautiful wrapping paper packs.

To keep the cost down you could use the front of old christmas cards; cut out a shape like a tree or a star from the front of them and write your activity on the back.

DIY Advent 6

Attach your string.

Wind some string or twine around the frame. You could easily wrap it around, staple gun it in place or use the little hooks on the frame that are already there to keep the backing down.

DIY Advent 7


It’s as simple as that! The whole project took me about an hour to complete, and most of that time was used stenciling the numbers on and waiting for the paint to dry on the frame.

I have printed off some activities that our family can do together each day, and in the morning my daughter will get to open an envelope and find out what we will be doing! The whole idea is to create excitement and expectation. It’s a special time of year for children, filled with wonder and magic, and I would love to encourage that within her.

Here are some advent activity ideas you can do with your own family::

+ Decorate the Christmas tree
+ Write and send Christmas cards
+ Visit a Christmas grotto
+ Have a Christmas photo shoot (at the mall or at home (ask a friend to come over and help you snap some family photos!)
+ Read a Christmas book with a milo after dinner
+ Family Christmas movie night with popcorn and a late bedtime!
+ Make cookies and deliver them to a friend or neighbour
+ Learn a new Christmas song
+ Visit some Christmas lights
+ Today is a YES day!
+ Bake a cake for school / church / kindy / celebrate with friends!
+ Make paper Christmas stars to hang on the tree
+ Build a gingerbread house / bake gingerbread men and go crazy with the icing
+ Wear a christmas hat and surprise mummy / daddy at work for lunch
+ Pancakes for breakfast!
+ Attend a Christmas eve mass / service / party

Have fun this holiday season, and remember those around you who might not have much to celebrate xxx

Love, Sophie x

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