Guide to finding love as an older women
Looking for love? Lesson One: Learn to love yourself first

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Guide to finding love as an older women in the dating scene
Looking for love? Lesson One: Learn to love yourself first

Whether you’re getting your confidence back after being out of the game for a while, or you’re still on the hunt for the perfect mate, the dating scene can be tough.

Gone are the days where you want to head out to bars and nightclubs every weekend. Your friends are coupled-up and focusing on their growing families, and a busy work schedule or your own family responsibilities can hinder your social and dating life. And let’s be honest, you’re not as full of youth and confidence and you once were!

Looking for love doesn’t have to feel like the impossible. Here are 4 important things to remember when you’re joining the dating scene:

Follow your own interests first
While it may sound cliche, it’s often when you stop looking that the right person comes along! Indulge your spare time in hobbies and interests that you enjoy first and foremost – chances are, you’ll meet like-minded folk and your social circle will expand. Who knows, you might even meet that special someone?! When you’re happy, relaxed and empowering yourself, you’re at your most radiant and attractive – so get those good vibes out there!

Don’t believe everything you see
With social media, it’s easy to believe that everyone else has their life – and particularly their relationships – all figured out. Remember that what you see is just a showreel of the best parts. Every relationship, no matter how long they’ve been together, has its ups and downs. Don’t put pressure on yourself by comparing your reality to what you see online. Be happy and grateful for the independent life you have. Remember that running things on your own terms really isn’t so bad!

Don’t settle for less
With that in mind, it’s important not to compromise what’s important to you, just for the sake of some company. Decide on non-negotiable criteria that you’d like to see in your next partner. By this – values and lifestyle choices that align with your own. However, when it comes to interests, physical appearances, career choices and personal history, you should always keep an open mind. Sometimes our ideal partner is actually the last person we would have expected for ourselves. The number one rule – trust your gut. If something feels right, explore further!

Dress for yourself – not others
Getting back on the dating scene can be nerve-wracking, after all, you’re focusing on making the best impression possible. The most important thing you can do is simply be yourself. Don’t feel the need to embellish your life story, hide your history or refrain from expressing your true personality. Getting dolled up might be something you don’t feel accustomed to, so choose one of your feminine dresses that makes you feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Or if you’re more a jeans and sneaker kind of girl, that’s OK too – the point is to choose an outfit that you feel most comfortable in!

One last tip – have fun! Don’t put pressure on yourself to find the perfect mate. Enjoy simply getting out and meeting new people. There might be a few dud dates along the way, but hey, at least you and your friends will be able to share a few laughs over it!

Have you tried getting back into the dating scene? What tips do you have to share?

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