Cosy Night In: Get your snack platter ready

Cosy Night In: Here’s Your Checklist for a Relaxing Night in

Cosy Night In Checklist: FOOD!
Get that food platter going!

As I write this, there’s rain on the roof and wind whistling through the trees. If there’s one good thing to come out of a stormy day, it’s the opportunity for a cosy night in!

Having a night off from the kids and getting out on the town is great, but it can be just as appealing (if not more!) to stay right where you are and have a cosy night in. It’s not often that you have the house to yourself and an opportunity to take control of the couch and TV remote without any objections. With such busy lives, juggling work, motherhood, family responsibilities and social commitments, it is not very often that we have the opportunity for some downtime.

But, as we know, taking this time out for yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity. We need to ensure that we’ve got enough in our own tanks to take care of ourselves so we can then take care of our families.

Of course it’s not just the comfort of being inside in bad weather that makes for a cosy night in. There are some other critical elements to really make the most of the opportunity for a quiet night.

So stock up, snuggle up and put your feet up. Here is your essential checklist for a cosy night in:

Make plans for the kids
If you’ve got kids, then then this is probably the most important step! Every parent needs a night or two off; it can be hard to truly relax while you know you’ve also got to keep an eye on young ones. Enlist the help of friends or rellies to take the kids for a sleepover for the night to ensure that you can put your feet up, guilt free.

Grab some foodie supplies
Tonight is your night for a little indulgence. Start with a tasty platter of cheese, crackers, olives, grapes quince, salami – or whatever else takes your fancy. The kind of platter that you don’t usually get to enjoy when there are little hands grabbing at it! Plan a simple but comforting dinner – something like a roast you can throw in the oven while you indulge in your gourmet snack. some chocolate or a small treat for afterwards. A bottle of wine is a must, of course. Park up on your couch with a glass and enjoy this small moment of bliss!

Cosy Night In Platter checklist: cheese, hummus, sundried tomatoes, gherkins, snippets, cashew nuts, crackers.... we could go on!
Platter checklist: cheese, hummus, sundried tomatoes, gherkins, snippets, cashew nuts, crackers…. we could go on!

Create a cosy ambiance
It’s amazing what a difference just a few well-chosen homewares can make. Creating a cosy space in your home is easy with a few aromatic candles and some mood lighting. Dim the lights or use lamps instead to create a warm space in your living room.

Soak it up
If you’ve got a bath, use your night in as a rare opportunity for a blissed out moment for a soak. Light your aromatic candles, turn out the lights, and add some soothing bubbles – bubbles in the bath and a glass of bubbles in your hand, that is.

Cosy In Night: candles are key
These luxurious scented candles have been hand-crafted using only the very best 100% natural soy blend wax and the most sophisticated fragrances.

Choose your bliss
What is a moment of luxury for you? Is it the opportunity to get into a book, flipping through a couple of trashy magazines, a chance for some online shopping or an uninterrupted movie marathon? Whatever it is that gives you the feeling of bliss, allow yourself to really be present and enjoy this moment.

Allow yourself some headspace
Mentally put your chores on hold for your cosy night in. It can be easy to let your mind wander to what’s ahead in your week, or be distracted by your to-do list, but allow yourself this moment to yourself. The chores will still be there tomorrow, and you’ll likely get through them with less procrastination if you’ve given yourself the opportunity for some downtime.

Prep the bed
I don’t know if there’s a feeling greater than getting into a freshly made bed with crisp sheets, a luxurious bed cover and heavenly plump pillows. A clean and nicely made bed really is the ultimate way to finish off your cosy night in (here are some hot tips to make it perfectly). To get all the tips and tricks for making your bed the best it can possibly be, check out our essential guide to bedding here.

Cosy? Yes. Flannel Duvet Cover
Set yourself up for a warm and cosy night’s sleep in the luxuriously soft Tyne Flannelette Duvet Set, a brushed cotton fabric that will create a welcoming environment in any bedroom.

With darker evenings and colder weather on the horizon, our mindsets start to shift to evenings at home and weekends hunkered down. But with just some small additions like these, a night at home can still feel like a wonderful luxury!

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